Alexander Stockl – The mind has disappeared

Alexander Stockl – The mind has disappeared

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at twelve For good years, Austrian Alexander Stökl has attracted the large Norwegian sports audience. It started with the new jumping coach learning Norwegian in record time, and quickly getting his team in order on the floor.

Since then, the smiles have been mostly, Song And coaching-wise ideas, before completely fading away the other day when Stöckel accused the jury in Hoppuka of aiding Poland’s Dawid Kubacki in a duel against Halvor Egner Granerud

It was a little strange for the jury to choose to go down another barrier. Didn’t jump too far. Those who jumped before Kubacki also showed a very good jumpThe coach explained well to TV2 before that narrowed In a way that at least shows that Alexander Stockl has become a normal part of the ultra-nationalist Norwegian ski history:

Then the jury chooses to go down another barrier. It was a very nice gift Kubacki got from the juryStöckl grumbled as our ski bosses complained and complained for more than a hundred years in a battle against all the other peoples of the world who dare to compete in a way different from that of Norway; The birthplace of power skating, it sounds right.

But last night, everything fell into place for Norwegian show jumper Alexander Stockl.

Just The overall victory in the German/Austrian show jumping was one that both the coach and the team missed out on. This competition is the most important in international show jumping, and few felt the pressure to return to Norway with the Great Golden Eagle Cup from Stöckl himself.

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The nearly fifty-year-old coach is from Hoppuke-Land itself. The traditional chain of four hills i OberstdorfAnd Garmisch-PartenkirchenAnd Innsbruck And Bischofshofen He almost ends up in the house where he himself was raised as a mare.

From the idyllic little town of Sankt Johann to Bischofshofen, it’s an hour’s drive through the most beautiful alpine scenery you can imagine, and now, after 16 years on the wild roads, the trophy is back in the ski country that once taught the entire world to ski.

Not Oddly enough, Stöckl, just before he reached the goal, felt such pressure that he had to teach everyone about his sport.

After twelve years as coach of our national team, he is only Norwegian.

We who certainly know the best way to do this as long as it concerns the use of skis on the slopes or slopes.

in scroll parts, it’s the natural Norwegian self-confidence that does it for athletes too:

  • The overall winner’s final jump was a study in restraint.

But jumping into life wasn’t always like this for Halvor Egner Granerud. He was far from senior international level before his big breakout as a 24-year-old in the 2020/21 season, and has missed key moments in Hoboka before.

This is amazing The time there was no doubt:

I smiled before descending to a seated position in the jump towerThe investigator said in an interview victory on the ground.

I suddenly realized that everything fell into placeGranrod answered, and continued:

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Then I had to smile.

to Now there is no doubt:

  • Halvor Egner Granerud once again became the best mare in the world.

This is exactly what both the competitors and the jury live for. It was moving to see how generous Pole Dawid Kobacki and Slovenian Anze Lanisek were when they took the Norwegian Golden Chair winner down on the plain. It was a camaraderie in the best sports to learn from.

In the sport of jumping gear, there is a lot of trickery and pin-up between nations to fly as far as possible, but in the end the best get the recognition they deserve.

the Also applies to Alexander Stöckl on the coach’s platform. Last night, he was the one who instructed Granerud to take down a ledge on the final jump to squeeze in some extra points.

Down 33 points to second-placed Kobacki and 62 to third-placed Lanisek, this right tactical choice was by no means decisive.

She was so gorgeous a mare finally has a Norwegian again.

And There is a historical rush about the run of Norwegian winners in Hoppuka, which Halvor Egner Granerud joined:

  • Olaf Bjornstad (1953/54)
  • Toralf Engan (1962/63)
  • Torgeir Brandtzæg (1964/65)
  • Bjorn Wirkola (1966/67, 1967/68 and 1968/69)
  • Ingolf Morck (1971/72)
  • Espen Bredesen (1993/1994)
  • Sigurd Petersen (2003/04)
  • Anders Jacobsen (2006/07)

In a show jumping nation where the sport has come under increasing pressure on its historic leadership position, there will also be greater challenges for the new champions.

Halvor Egner Granrod; Norway’s new national birdThe TV2 commentator cried out with excitement when this prestigious victory was secured.

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But that is not necessarily the case.

In this The new Norwegian sports scene, the former national sport still lacks a major sponsor and is struggling Double the sponsorship income.

Then it’s time to Stress And anger above.

Now Norwegian show jumping should give us more songs and joy.

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