Alexander with “Idol”: – I feel a little nauseous

Alexander with “Idol”: – I feel a little nauseous

Back in 2006, the confetti cannon targeted Alexander with (36), and he was announced as the winner of “Idol,” with over a million viewers on the TV channel. He was only 18 years old then.

This is what he is doing now

However, it is not something he thinks back on with exclusive pleasure today. The 36-year-old tells the story Here and now.

-I had no idea what I was doing at that time. I feel a little nauseous when I think back to the movie “Idol.” “It was so intense and so many big things happened in such a short time that I didn’t have time to take it all in,” he told the magazine.

NRK admits production error after Stjernekamp’s film premiere. Video: NRK.
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Moreover, he says he did not take any time to digest the impressions, which led to him burning out.

“The Star Game” – Adam: – I couldn’t continue

– I’m not the only one who suffered from anxiety, and that was the result at the time. It was a physical reaction. “At times, I felt as if the only way out was to pass out, often in situations where it was absolutely inappropriate for me to pass out,” he says.

It is now located in “Stjernekamp”. This time he will be more protective of himself, and will try to make the whole thing an uplifting experience, Withe frankly tells the magazine.

He had to leave the competition

He had to leave the competition

Next Saturday, Tronder will sing Ramone’s “Men like me” live. He told Her og Nå that the goal of participating this time is to work to make sure that the matter is not that serious.

-I want to lower my shoulders and smile a little, even if things aren’t going well. When you build so much of your identity around music, it can feel like the world is falling apart if things don’t go well. He says it’s not optimal.

“Battle of the Stars”: Adrian Sellevoll for his first appearance during this year’s “Stjernekamp”. Reporter: Jonathan Gathaug Nielsen
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In front of Dagbladet, Withe recently told that he spent a lot of time after Idol getting his life under control.

-I drove the car, took the diary, did the things my friends did when they were 18, and had kids. So things happened. “For the past four years, I have also studied,” the 36-year-old said.

Taking a hard chance before

Taking a hard chance before “Shall We Dance?”

-I’m on my way to becoming a therapist, so I currently have a bachelor’s degree as a social worker in the pipeline, so there’s little left to finish then.

Last March, he and his fiancée, Josephine Gracia Salib, were able to welcome a young son into the world.

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