Alexandra Gunner reveals relocation plans

Alexandra Gunner reveals relocation plans

Investor Ranar Fatni (48) He got 13.5 million NOK in pocket in 2008 for a listed house in the center of Frogner in Oslo. In May of this year It became known that the house was being sued for sale in the open market for 40 million kroner.

Earlier this year, the magazine can capital It is reported that the real estate billionaire from Oslo and his partner, artist Alexandra Gunner (32), In the process of building a Karim villa As much as 200 million NOK near Frognerparken.

Capital wrote at the time that a neighbor’s warning revealed a desire to build a swimming pool, tennis court, guesthouse and loggia.

In May, however, Fatni was sentenced to 21 days of probation, after driving under the influence without a valid driver’s licence.

a house: Alexandra Gunner revealed that she bought a house for her mum on Bloggers. Video: TV 2 / Steffen Pettersen
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– Shit work

To Dagbladet, Joner now confirms that the couple has bought a new home, that it’s selling too—and that, to put it mildly, they’re on the move during the day. She’s also very quiet and doesn’t want to share a lot of details.

– Yes, we can confirm the purchase of the house. But she says it is a secret, no further comment.

However, she does not hide that they will also sell, and that life is a “little mess a day”.

– yes. It’s great to be in the middle of such a moving party … It’s such a pleasure to pack everything from a home where you live “a hundred” years. What a stupid job! I think the movement is totally insane, she explains with a laugh.

See also  John Brongut on Ole Rolfsrud:

to me capital A townhouse on the best western edge of Oslo has a staggering price estimate of 40 million kroner, plus just over a million kroner.

To Dagbladet, the 32-year-old confirms that the house has not yet been sold.

The listed house from 1918 has an area of ​​322 square meters on three levels. The purchase includes a garden, a terrace, a balcony and two parking spaces.

The Skarpsno/Frogner house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and several living rooms.

Participate in a new TV 2 program

Alexandra Gunner these days Participant in the new TV 2 initiative “In flames”.Here it is Layer shapes With Iselin Guttormsen (35).

the program, Led by the channel’s former sports broadcaster, Simon Nietzsche (30), states that three famous duos claim to have performed the most daring challenges ever set to be performed.

Everything is documented in the video.

Answering whether they actually manage it or not, they get into the studio later, where they have to relive the stunts.

New concept:

New concept: “In Fire and Flame” led by Simon Nietzsche. The participants are Victor Suttberg, Ruben Hofst, Alexandra Gunner, Isleen Guttormsen, Thomas “Wengrn” Gulstad and Ailo Mikkelsen Job. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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When Dagbladet met the two during taping last week, it quickly became apparent that the participants had received a stern message from the channel not to reveal much about what the stunts entailed. However, Gunner commented on how the challenges have emerged.

We had a brainstorming phase beforehand, where we were asked what we were afraid of, and what we absolutely didn’t want to do. And we were both so fat in the head that we were told what we couldn’t imagine doing. When we left, we realized that we must definitely do what we don’t want to do. And we had, of course, told Dagbladet at the time.

Anxiety: Actress and dancer Alexandra Gunner shed tears when she panicked in the middle of a climbing wall while recording 71°N – Norway’s most powerful celebrity” on TVNorge. Video: TVNorge
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Alexandra Gunner is too Ambassador Awards for Realitywhich kicks off later this year, and is organized by See and Hear.

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