June 9, 2023


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Alexandra Juner, Break | Alexandra Jr. Thanks for the support after the breakup

At the end of March, influencer Alexandra Juner (33) shared a post on Instagram where she said she had become single.

“It ended more than a month ago. This is a very private matter for us and we do not wish to comment further on this.”was among what the 33-year-old wrote in the Instagram post.

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Influencer and investor Runar Vatne, 49, has been her lover since 2012, and in the time since the split, Joner has clearly expressed that she’s had a tough time. Among other things on her Instagram story post – where on several occasions she shared tearful and emotional posts with her followers.

And apparently, sharing heartbreaking moments helped Jonner in the post-breakup era. On Monday evening, she made a post on her Instagram story post thanking her for all the support and love she’s been receiving lately.

– A million thanks

“Hi beautiful people. I just want to say a million thanks to everyone who has sent me messages lately with encouraging and lovely words.”I wrote at the beginning, before confirming that it helped not to feel lonely.

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“I really feel like I’m going through this disconnect with you guys, which makes the process feel easier than if I were to do it on my own.”the 33-year-old writes more in the post.

In conclusion, Gunner says she reads all the messages she receives, but doesn’t have time to respond to all of them.

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But know that I really appreciate your messages.is the last thing you write.

Gets good support from friends and family

As mentioned, the 33-year-old wrote in the post revealing the breakup that she didn’t want to talk about it much, but she lifted the veil a bit last week about her new existence.

I did it on the “Beautybloggers” podcast.

On the podcast episode, Joner made no secret of the fact that the past few days have been painful, in part because she and Vatne have been together for so long. She also said that the single life as an adult is strange.

My mom has moved in and is taking care of me. She is so nice. She prepares breakfast and food for me, I feel like I am staying in a hotel, and it was one of the things that the TV file and artist said at the time.

Furthermore, the 33-year-old added that she was well supported by her closest circle of friends, before being asked if she had experienced anything from the single life so far. She wasn’t able to do that.

– No, not at all. No way, Gunner stated before adding that she hasn’t downloaded the dating app Tinder.