All drone cases have been shot down

All drone cases have been shot down

This was confirmed by the head of the North Sea and Environment Department of the Sur-Gharb Police District, Amund Brede-Revheim, to Dagbladet.

– 115 reports of the notes have been received since this summer, four of which resulted in criminal proceedings. They have all now been dropped on the code 014, which means “dropped due to lack of information about the perpetrator,” he says.

No one is suspected or charged in criminal cases.

Much fewer messages

Revheim had previously referred to the four observations as “good,” and said they were made within the safety zone of 500-meter oil and gas facilities — but were thus difficult to replicate by a pilot.

Now Revheim says they still receive occasional reports of sightings, but they receive “much less” than before.

None of the reports in recent weeks have resulted in new criminal cases, he says.

Collide: Crash of a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter with a Shahed-136 kamikaze drone. Video: Twitter / Telegram. Correspondent: Vegard Krüger / Dagbladet TV
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Many may have other explanations

– Why do you think there are fewer messages coming in now – Could it have something to do with the drone ban for the Russians or increased vigilance on the Norwegian continental shelf?

– We cannot speculate whether this trend is due to the effect of the measures or other reasons. However, the investigation showed that many of the sightings we received around last fall likely have explanations other than drones.

We also note that the number of viewing reports is related to media coverage. The more focus in the media, Revheim says, the more messages we receive.

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In June/July letters began to arrive before her Becoming more or less inferior daily to the police in September.

The department chief explains that the Police Security Service (PST) is responsible for evaluating and investigating drone observations about ground facilities, so he cannot say what the situation is like here.

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