All employees evacuated – NRK Rogaland – local news, TV and radio

All employees evacuated – NRK Rogaland – local news, TV and radio

Police said the fire broke out in a workshop belonging to GMC Yard in the Rosenberg area of ​​Stavanger just before 2pm on Tuesday.

All employees were evacuated, and a safety distance of 300 meters was established.

– There is a lot of smoke and open flames. The gas cylinder is still burning, but it is not clear what kind of gas. Operations manager at Sør-West Police District Viktor Fenne-Jensen said when he learned of the fire, that the evacuation is currently underway due to the high risk of an explosion.

Employees were evacuated just before 2pm and could not return to work until 3.30pm.

Photo: Notes

Just before 2:30 p.m., Stahl Fjellberg in Rogaland confirmed the fire was out.

And just before 3.30pm, the Police Operations Manager confirmed that the incident was under control and the evacuees could return to work.

The police have conducted investigations at the spot and documents. They have opened a case.

Eirik Fjone, project manager at the GMC yard, said the pipe to the gas cylinder must have caught fire. He believes everyone should do what they can when something like this happens.

Gas cylinder fire at Rosenberg

Clear traces of gas cylinder that started burning.

Photo: Eirik Fjone

There were ten to twelve people in the hall that caught fire. No one was injured.

– They tried to put out the fire with fire extinguishers, which they could not do. Then they left immediately and we alerted the fire brigade, he said.

On Wednesday, a report will be written, among other things, you look at the procedures, whether everything went well.

– But everything now points to that, he says.

No one outside the industrial area is in danger, Rogaland Fire and Rescue Fjellberg confirmed.

Fire Glass Bottle Yard

Flames could be seen from the hall where the gas cylinder was.

Photo: Sindre Kirkas Norman / NRK

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