All Russian reserve forces will be on their way to Severodonetsk:

All Russian reserve forces will be on their way to Severodonetsk:

It is said that Russia will send a large number of reserve forces to Severodonetsk.

Luhansk Governor Serhi Hajjaj said this on national television, according to Reuters.

Today, tomorrow, and the day after, they will send all their reserve resources. Hajjaj says there are already a lot of them, and that could be a critical point.

This has not been confirmed by the Russian side.


The governor asserts that Russia does control large parts of Severodonetsk, but some areas remain.

– They do not fully control the city, Hajjaj says.

He describes the situation as very worrying. Among other things, the situation is very dangerous for more than 500 civilians hiding in the chemical plant Azot without the possibility of evacuation.

And there were reports, on Saturday evening, that more people were injured after the Russians attacked an oil depot in the city with missiles.

Our defenders are fighting against the Russians in all directions, says Hajjaj in the Telegram messaging service.

Heavy fighting is also taking place in the villages of Toshkivska and Zolota, not far from Severodonetsk.

– will win

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the southern city of Mykolaiv on Saturday. A number of photos and videos of the visit were published on the president’s Telegram account on Saturday evening.

Confident: Here is Zelensky during Saturday's visit to Mykolachev, where he visited a hospital and distributed medals to soldiers.  Photo: Zelensky's presidential office

Confident: Here is Zelensky during Saturday’s visit to Mykolachev, where he visited a hospital and distributed medals to soldiers. Photo: Zelensky’s presidential office

In one of the letters, Zelensky honors the soldiers who are fighting for the country, and it is clear that the fighting spirit is still there.

Our brave boys and girls are fighting, they are all well trained and do everything to protect the country. The president says in one of the letters: We will certainly survive, and we are guaranteed to win.

Questions about time

Channel 2 previously spoke with Lieutenant Colonel Pal Yedistbo, who was then aware that Russia might be able to invade Visiting areas in Luhansk.

However, he believes that Ukraine still has a chance to win the war.

– It may be possible, but it depends on Russia’s strength in the war. It will take time before Ukraine gets the most out of arms aid from the West, and for Russia to gain the upper hand, they should be able to recoup their losses before that time, he said.

He asserts that Russia is striving for progress, although they are now working on relatively small fronts.

– It is only a matter of time before one of the countries has the upper hand to continue the war. For that to happen, one limb must be forced to kneel, Yedistibo says.

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