Allegations that Trump wanted pro-Hitler generals – VG

Allegations that Trump wanted pro-Hitler generals - VG
KARL DÖNITZ & CO: “The Divider” claims that Trump spoke warmly of German generals’ loyalty to Hitler during World War II.

A new book sheds light on the strained relationship between the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and former President Donald Trump.


New Yorker On Monday, he published an excerpt from the book “The Barrier: Trump in the White House,” written by reporters Peter Baker and Susan Glaser.

Among other things, Donald Trump is alleged to have repeatedly complained that senior leaders in the US military were “disloyal” and “disobedient” when he was in the White House.

– Why can’t you be like German generals? Trump is said to have asked his then chief of staff John Kelly, himself a former general.

– You know that they tried to kill Hitler three times, and they almost succeeded, Kelly is said to have responded according to the book.

– No, they were completely loyal to him, Trump reportedly said.

Trump has yet to comment on the allegations in the book, which have been reproduced in A number of American media. The authors themselves claim to rely on sources deep within the previous Trump administration.

Resigned: John Francis Kelly was Trump’s chief of staff in the White House, but resigned after two years.

Trump’s quotes are said to follow a series of disagreements with the US General Staff.

Among other things, Trump wanted a large military parade on July 4, inspired by a visit to France. The generals, for their part, are said to have thought this akin to a dictator, according to the book.

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I’d rather swallow acid, Secretary of Defense James Mattis is said to have responded to the suggestion.

Both Mattis and Chief of Staff Kelly resigned from their positions in 2018 and 2019, respectively, when they realized they were unable to rein in Trump, according to the book.

He reprimanded the president with an undisclosed resignation letter

Authors Peter Baker and Susan Glaser enclosed what is supposed to be a letter of resignation to Mark Milley, who was the commander of the US military under Trump.

The letter was never delivered, but Milley was still highly critical of the president, according to the book.

Among other things, he notes that millions of people died in the last century because they fought against dictatorships, fascism and Nazism, before adding:

– You don’t understand what that war was about. Indeed, you swear by many principles that we fought, and I cannot agree with that, the general writes.

Controversial photo: General Mark Milley was photographed with Trump in Lafayette Square shortly after police expelled protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Among other things, Milley was said to have been a strong reaction to Trump’s desire to deploy the military to remove “Black Lives Matter” protesters outside the White House on June 1, 2020.

The military was never deployed, but US police used tear gas and rubber bullets against the crowds.

Soon after, Millie was photographed with Trump in Lafayette Square. The general So sorry after that To create the impression that the army helped drive out the protesters.

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In the book “I Alone Can Fix It” from last year, Mark Milley allegedly He was afraid that Trump would order him to carry out a military coup After he lost the 2020 election.

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