Almost no Norwegians want to buy really expensive headphones

Almost no Norwegians want to buy really expensive headphones

But the most popular in-ear are the Apple AirPods.

Here is the Bose QC45 noise canceling.

Nearly 4 in 10 Norwegians now use noise-reducing headphones. It shows a new survey conducted for headphone manufacturer Epos.

It also shows that 46 percent of men, compared to only 27 percent of women, resort to some form of noise reduction in daily life.

This difference can most likely be explained by the type of noise that annoys us the most, which may be the reason why one feels the importance of noise reduction.

In the first two places above the annoying noise, we found noise from construction work and traffic. According to the survey, the third most common noise that Norwegians experience is from their homes.

41 percent of those with noise-canceling headphones go so far as to say they are necessary to wear when sitting in an office landscape at work. About 22 percent answered that they make it easier for them to work, while 15 percent resort because others leave them alone when they wear headphones.

The latter is likely to be possible with any headphones.

The fact that headphones and noise-canceling earplugs are common isn’t new to us at Tek, which annually tests dozens of products and has its own top lists.

If we look at Prisjakt’s price comparison service overview of the 10 most popular headphones (and earplugs) we find that as many as 8 of them have some form of noise reduction. Be active – in most people – or passive by closing your ear.

The exceptions are Apple’s AirPods of the second and third generations, both of which are open jacks.

According to an Epos poll, about 2 in 10 Norwegians will spend more than 2,000 kroner on new headphones, while 1 percent of those surveyed are willing to hand over 5,000 kroner.

Interestingly, the most popular PriceSpy headphone at the moment is Apple’s AirPods Max. These have a normal price tag of 5000 kr, but correct enough they are offered for 4000 kr now.

The average price for Prisjakt’s most popular headphones is also 2,070 kroner, which is just above the pain threshold for most people.

It is possible that people looking for prices and information about headphones are generally more interested in audio products than the average Norwegian, which can increase the temptation to pay and raise the average price.

In the next three places, after AirPods Max, we find different types of “regular” AirPods and AirPods Pro jacks from Apple. These cost just over a thousand kroner and just over 2,000 kroner.

With competitors’ price guide, AirPods jacks are also at the top of the list of popularity.

During Black Week, several Apple products went on sale, which may explain some of the popularity.

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PriceSpy is owned by Schibsted. Schibsted also owns VG, of which is a part.

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