June 2, 2023


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Almost no one uses Windows 11

Disappointing numbers for Microsoft.

There are a lot of new features in Windows 11, but few enjoyed it, and we have to believe the new numbers.
Anders Brattensburg Smidsrud, Tech
Anders Brattensburg Smidsrud

Almost no one uses Windows 11, and the numbers collected by . are shown Statistics counter. This is despite the fact that the operating system is free and was launched over a year ago.

Globally, usage has risen to only about 15.4 percent.

By comparison, Windows 10 was installed on a full 30 percent of all Windows devices one year after it was available as an update from Windows 8.1, stats from Statcounter show.

In the case of Macs, Statcounter states that Apple’s annual operating system updates It has been installed by more than half of the users A year ago.

The previous version, Windows 10, is still used by more than 70 percent of all Windows users globally. Windows 7, which is no longer primarily supported by Microsoft, is used at just under 10 percent.

For Norway, the percentage of Windows 11 users is reported to be up to 20 percent, which can be explained by the fact that we have newer computers than the rest of the world. Windows 11 comes fully installed on new computers. Almost no one uses Windows 7 here at home anymore.

However, this is likely not a number that Microsoft is particularly pleased with.

Not many are allowed to upgrade

Then it must be said that Microsoft itself should take responsibility for the fact that the start-up of Windows 11 was very slow, compared to previous versions of Windows.

Even though Windows 11 is free, upgrading from a Windows 10 device isn’t for everyone.

Windows 11 sets a number of technical requirements that even relatively new hardware doesn’t meet.

  • The processor must be at least 8th generation Intel Core series or 2nd generation AMD Ryzen series
  • The device must have its own “security processor” called TPM2
  • Your motherboard must support secure boot, or “secure boot”

And even if all of these requirements are met, many may have to actually enter the BIOS activation them, which is not intuitive and most people don’t know about it.

If you are wondering if you can actually upgrade to Windows 11, we have written a great step-by-step guide that will take you through the entire process.

Windows 10 users miss this

You can check out the most important new Windows 11 features in our guide here ยป

However, some of the highlights are that the user interface has become more focused, clearer and nicer, and has also been adapted for use with the mouse and thumb interchangeably.

You may also have noticed that the start menu has changed, as it now looks more like an app drawer than an Android phone. Since launch, it has gained support for folders, something that was already missing from the starting block.

In addition, it is much easier to organize several windows on the desktop at the same time – especially for you with a wide screen – creating separate work areas, for example, for work and entertainment, as well as keeping an overview of the windows between each time you connect with or from external monitors.

Recently, Windows Explorer also featured tabs, the ability to emulate HDR for older games, faster loading of future games, easier file sharing, a new and clearer settings panel and more.

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