June 8, 2023


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Amadeus Sogaard: - He sings about his father in prison

Amadeus Sogaard: – He sings about his father in prison

The son of the Swedish artist Carola Hajqvist (55) The Norwegian preacher Renard Sogaard (54)And the Amadeus Sogard (24)once again telling us honestly about the relationship with his parents.

In his new single Säg mig Hur Jag mår, he sings, among other things, that he is sending messages to his father, who is currently working He is in prison for tax evasion and illegal bookkeeping.

The 54-year-old is serving a sentence of one year and eight months in Tapie, Sweden. It was moved here earlier this yearAfter receiving several warnings about his behavior in the prison he was originally in.

Among other things, Sogard is said to have quarreled with other prisoners and got involved in a “violent case”.

When his father began serving his sentence last fall, Amadeus was forced to stay away from home. In an interview with Aftonbladet Autumn is described as turbulent.

Secretly: For a long time, Amadeus Sogaard, son of Renar Sogard and Carola Hackvist, said he had a secret. Now he finally reveals what it is. Video: Expression
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Everything you write about happened a few months ago. Now I’m almost in a good place in life. But I also think it’s important to think about what you’ve been through and what happened, he says.

Uses humor as a defense mechanism

“It’s been a while, since my father has been at home now, reading what I have written, and posting all the letters, to the institution he works for,” he sings of his father.

Sogaard stresses that he doesn’t want the lyrics to be about “Carola and Renard,” but that the song’s focus should be on them as his parents.

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that’s either It’s not the first time the 24-year-old has sung about his parents. Last year he released the song “Heal”, About childhood and public divorce.

fighting: Renard Sogaard was accused of calling Abu Bakr Hussein a “nigger cake” at Camp Colinares. Video: Viafree / Red Carpet
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– I like to write by myself in the studio, it goes from head and heart down on paper. It’s like you have to hold on to something after every time. If you take the words in your head, you won’t feel difficult anymore, he tells Aftonbladet.

Sogaard, who is usually a footballer, says he has a lot of self-irony when it comes to everything that is written about the family. He told the Swedish newspaper that he found “a sense of humor and comedy in everything”.

– When I was young and heard things, it was very difficult. And when it comes to writing, I’ve always thought that my friends want to see what’s written. Then I became the first to pick it up and joke about it, to take it off. A bit like a defense mechanism.

The young artist also does not hide the fact that the fame of his parents helped him to get the opportunities available to him today, but he wants to take advantage of what was given to him.

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