Amalie Ewell on future plans: – Axel must be convinced

Amalie Ewell on future plans: – Axel must be convinced

Amalie Ewell, 30, has won numerous gold medals throughout her running career and has long been a star in Norwegian sports.

- It could be a stab in the heart.

– It could be a stab in the heart.

In May 2020, it became known that she had found happiness with another sports star, former Alpine climber Axel Lund Svindal (41 years old). Last year they became parents to little Storm, and less than a month later they were engaged.

Now Ewell is openly sharing his future plans.


  • Amalie Ewell, 30, and Axel Lund Svindal, 41, are enjoying life as engaged couples and parents to baby Storm.
  • In an interview with ELLE, Ewell shares her plans for a winter wedding and hopes to have more children, even if she has to convince Svindal.
  • The couple met at the Olympiatoppen and kept their relationship private for over a year.
  • – Winter wedding

    In a recent interview with ELLE, Ewell said she and her fiancé met at the Olympia, and one thing led to another.

    The lovebirds managed to keep their relationship under the radar for over a year before the news broke.

    He laughs: Alpine climber Axel Lund Svindal and athlete Amalie Ewell were the first to enter the castle's gala dinner on May 14. It's not just, it's just… Video: NRK
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    The on-going star is not holding back from honoring her future husband. When they will say yes to each other has yet to be decided.

    – Now I feel like we are enjoying our engagement. There's a lot to plan, but we were thinking about a winter wedding. “I'm with a winter guy,” she told the magazine.

    She claims she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping

    She claims she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

    In addition to having fun while they're engaged, the couple is enjoying being a little kid.

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    – I love him! I love him. I didn't realize it was possible to love someone so much. He's completely sick. Axel and I sat together yesterday without Storm, and we said to each other like, “I miss you.” We almost wanted to go and wake him up. It's such a beautiful feeling.

    On hostility: Amalie Ewell was proud of her boyfriend Axel Lund Svindal at the premiere of his documentary.
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    Despite the fact that little Storm was born via emergency C-section, that doesn't stop Ewell from wanting more children, preferably five, she admits to ELLE.

    – But I don't know how to find the time for that, and then I have to convince Axel. He's not quite “there.” He's kind of like “three kids and a dog,” so I say “four kids and two dogs.” I try to meet him in the middle. I like that it's kind of like a madhouse, me.

    – arousing

    Lund Svindal has previously spoken about life as a fiancé and father of young children.

    - Clichés become true

    – Clichés become true

    In front of Dagbladet, the former Alpine climber revealed how he proposed to his beloved.

    – We did it on the mountain, in Kvitville. It was nice and a bit exciting, of course, but I was pretty sure of the answer. I didn't think there was much chance of things going wrong.

    In the same interview, he praised Ewell for taking on the role of mother.

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    – Amalie is very good! At first I noticed that the mother is number one, and this is normal – which is great. So far Amalie has taken care of most of the work, and we are doing well until further notice

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