June 2, 2023


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Amazing scenes: Portugal had to play with nine men

Amazing scenes: Portugal had to play with nine men

Due to the Corona outbreak at the club, Belenenses had to play with only nine men against the big club Benfica.

Meeting Benfica is in itself a difficult task, but having to play against the big club with only nine players makes the task undoubtedly more difficult.

That’s what Belenenses had to do on Saturday Night’s Portuguese series. They only had nine players available due to the recent coronavirus outbreak at the club.

14 players and three captains were said to have contracted the virus. She writes for several media outlets, including the Portuguese A Bola.

Not only did they have to play with two fewer men than Benfica, they also had to use the goalkeeper as right-back. Joao Monteiro is actually the goalkeeper, but he had to step into the right-back position on Saturday night.

Not surprisingly, Belenenses had a tough time against Benfica. Already after 25 seconds, Benfica took the lead. In the break, they advanced 7-0.

The match is not over yet.

The strange situation has also generated reactions. Afonso Sousa, one of the Belenenses players who came out with Corona, took to Twitter and gave a clear message about what he thinks about the match that will be played.

– Shameful writes.

Portuguese journalist Alex Goncalves describes the situation as crazy.

– The most surreal soccer match I’ve ever seen. It’s no surprise that Benfica crushes them. Crazy writes on Twitter.

New York Times correspondent Tariq Banga also reports.

– Really Portugal? Belenenses will have to play nine players against Benfica due to the Corona outbreak. 3-0 after 30 minutes. Two goalkeepers on the field. It’s ridiculous, he writes on Twitter.

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