Amazon launches censorship tool

Amazon launches censorship tool

Amazon Chime is a system that allows developers to add various communication channels to their existing applications, whether they are for the web or for mobile phones. Calling can be via voice, video, screen sharing or text “chat” – all in real time.

Good so far, but now Amazon has According to the record It also added the ability to censor text chat in such channels, also in real time. In short, the solution will analyze what is written and stop the message from being forwarded to the recipient, meeting room, or where you’re headed, if it contains certain words.

Most of the previous solutions have reportedly been implemented for this purpose so that swear words and the like are received at the other end and removed or hidden only when they get there.

Not just for swearing

Amazon calls this “Messaging Channel Flows”The technology has a number of uses that can also be useful for users who are not keen to avoid swearing:

For example, this can ensure that certain types of sensitive data are not forwarded to a central server, even if the user has provided it. This can be useful, for example, to Helsenorge and a number of other representatives who communicate with the audience in ways in which personal information can be provided in the event of a loss of a user.

Unfortunately, there is also a high probability of negative consequences of this technology. For example, it works so that the message is not sent at all if the system responds to one or more words. Thus, there is a risk that the user will think that the message has been sent, without it being. Or that the system responds to an entirely innocent word.

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Great chances of error

Another known issue with such solutions is that they are often inflexible and sometimes very inaccurate. The example in which Facebook for a long time monitored Kjerringøy because the word “kjerring” was defined as ugly, is well known.

Exactly the same thing happened in the French town of Ville de Bitche, and you can even imagine the problems that the Fucking Village faced in Austria.

How the new Amazon jobs could affect Norwegian places such as Hell, Møkkalasset, Rompeporten, Skrukkefylla, Faenshølet, Ræva, Kukkeluren, Fettavika, Spermbanken, Runken or Tissvassklumptjønnin, remains uncertain.

In the UK, places like Penistone, Shitlingthorpe, Titty Ho, Twatt, Wetwang and Bitchfield may have problems.

understand amazon

It’s part of the story of Amazon having a system called Comprehend, which is based on machine learning and not just direct name recognition.

Understanding can be part of ‘Messaging Channel Flows’ and taught to understand contexts and recognize references. This is, for example, how systems can find Social Security numbers and stop forwarding them, or detect that a customer support employee points to a help page to which the system can then insert a link automatically.

Comprehension can also be used to recognize and block swear words, but is not set up to do so by default, and according to Amazon, the customer must train Comprehend for such use, if desired.

On the other hand, Right Censorship is simply a list of “forbidden words” and is therefore not a particularly clever solution by any means. It is clear that the focus here is on providing resources rather than a precise and accurate solution.

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