Ambush shooting: Taliban kill more than 20 elite soldiers

Ambush shooting
The Taliban kill more than 20 elite soldiers

Since the withdrawal of NATO from Afghanistan, government troops have been in great danger. But Kabul insists on recapturing the lost areas. 20 elite soldiers are ambushed by the Taliban. Survivors are hanged.

More than 20 Afghan government special forces have been killed while trying to retake a district in the north of the country from the militant Islamic Taliban. This was confirmed by local authorities. The incident in the Duladabad district of Faryab province has caused great horror and unrest in Afghanistan. According to officials, elite troops were able to briefly retake the district center on Tuesday afternoon. However, for a while they were ambushed by the Taliban hiding in the surrounding villages.

Security sources said the ambush survivors gathered at the same place and were later shot dead. Several videos of the soldiers in one place were shared on social media.

Since the withdrawal of international troops on May 1, the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically. Since then, the Taliban have captured at least 27 of the country’s 400 districts. Across the country, well-trained and equipped special forces are stationed in support of areas threatened by the fall. Critics say these are tasks that elite troops cannot accomplish.

The regional distribution is not clear

Hundreds of security guards have been killed since the beginning of May. In some districts, after adult mediation, the Taliban allowed security forces to retreat without attacking them. The government now wants to criminalize such mediation. The withdrawal of US and other NATO troops must be completed by September 11. Peace talks are stalled.

There are no official figures from 2018 on who controls which districts in the country. Observers view Taliban’s latest regional gains as unprecedented – UN According to statistics, they had captured only five districts in the previous year, four of which governments were able to recapture within a few days. However, the Taliban must seize provincial capitals so that they can make significant military progress and turn the situation in their favor.

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