American cave scientist Mark Dickey rescued from a cave in Türkiye

American cave scientist Mark Dickey rescued from a cave in Türkiye

American cave explorer Mark Dickey, 40, has been exhumed more than a week after falling ill 1,000 meters underground in a cave in Turkey.


Rescue experts from across Europe are working frantically to try to save cave explorer Mark Dickie (40), who has been sick in a cave in Turkey since September 2.

And now he has been rescued, NBC News writes. According to the European organization coordinating the rescue work, this happened at 00:37 on Tuesday night, local time.

– It’s great to be above ground again. I was underground for much longer than I expected due to an unexpected medical problem, he told the press from the night of the stretcher until Tuesday, Norwegian time – surrounded by rescue workers.

– I don’t know what to say, I’m overwhelmed, he continues.

CNN reported earlier That Dicky received several blood transfusions inside the cave.

In a video message from the cave Thursday Dickey who is Cave worldCave worldSpeleology is the research and mapping of naturally formed cavities, i.e. speleology/caving research.He writes about the help he has received so far BBC.

– I know that the quick response of the Turkish authorities, and that they got me the medicines I needed very quickly, saved my life, he said, among other things – something he also repeated on Tuesday night:

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-I vomited a lot more blood than you can imagine, and I got to the point where I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive.

Deki, described as an experienced cave climber, became acutely ill during an expedition into Murca Cave in the Taurus Mountains, southern Turkey, on September 2. He was there to survey the caves.

The rescue operation was very difficult.

– This is a very complicated rescue operation. Dinko Novosel, the Croatian rescue worker leading the operation from the European side, said in a statement last week that until now, there have been no cases in the world of a rescue operation larger than this one.

The cave that Dicky was in is 1,276 meters deep, the third deepest cave in Turkey. The researcher is said to have fallen ill when he reached an altitude of 1,040 metres, Reuters wrote.

The cave maintains a temperature between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius.


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