Amphitheater building in the church room

Amphitheater building in the church room

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Leste and NA He must add the church of Namsos. At first I thought I had read wrong, but then it turned out that the decision in the Amber Board made sense. Some fresh ideas: Set up a wall where the gallery ends. This gives them a room they can use for meetings. Kitchens, toilets, toilets and storage will be needed.

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But this space is required It can be solved in a better way. Most churches have a large unused volume. The seats are on the floor, with plenty of cubic air above them. This was always the case. Perhaps to create a sense of grandeur, without thinking that it is expensive to heat so many cubic meters of air, and without thinking about the lack of a sense of community. The view is mostly in the necks of those in the front seat.

What can he do? An amphitheater is being built in the church room. Then the following is achieved:

1. There will be more seats

2. It becomes a stronger community by seeing most people in their faces. It will create more luxury, and possibly a greater church presence.

3. The outlook will be much better

4. Smaller empty room for heating.

5. There will be a larger room under the runway that can be used for toilets, wardrobes and kitchens – that is, those rooms that they intend to arrange now by building a new building.

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But dare the church New thought? Yes indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to read that the Diocese of Namsos was now considering taking the room below the gallery into a room where one might hold meetings. A room where you can sit with a cup of coffee before and after a party or concert. Very good start, but why not end as I suggest?

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