Amy Schumer: – The uterus must be removed

Amy Schumer: - The uterus must be removed

Earlier this month, comedian Amy Schumer (40) She reveals that she had to have her uterus and appendix removed, when it was full of endometriosis (tissue resembling the lining of the uterus, which begins to grow outside the uterus, journals.).

The condition is known to cause a lot of pain, and in Schumer’s case, quality of life has been limited. However, in a new update on Instagram, the comedian may share many scary results after the operation.

Tumor found

“I feel stronger and more excited about life,” Schumer wrote in a picture of himself.

Furthermore, the 40-year-old tells how doctors, in addition to finding endometriosis, also found something else worrisome.

I had a lump in my appendix with an internal infection. Chocolate cysts in both ovaries. Endometriosis in the uterus,” she continues.

Schumer further writes that a life full of pain now feels like it’s been “ripped out of her body,” and that she actually feels like someone else. Among other things, she is happy with all the new energy she has received, to be able to be with her son Jane (2).

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She continues, “And for anyone wondering if this was related to my difficult pregnancy and vomiting, I’d say yes!”

Schumer then criticizes research on endometriosis and women’s health, which she believes is scanty with regard to men’s health.

troubled pregnancy

As Schumer wrote, her pregnancy was difficult. I previously spoke frankly about it Among other things she suffered from severe pregnancy nauseaAnd when she had to perform a caesarean section during childbirth, the operation took a full three hours due to endometriosis, according to us weekly.

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The condition also meant that she was having problems having more children. In August last year, the 40-year-old revealed that she could never get pregnant again.

– I’ve decided I can’t get pregnant again. We’ve been thinking about surrogacy, but now we’re just thinking about waiting, she said when she visited “Sunday Today with Willie Geist,” according to the people.

Schumer gave birth to his son via in vitro fertilization, but it shouldn’t be an easy process either.

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