An arrest warrant for Putin

An arrest warrant for Putin

The ICC established the arrest warrants as the unlawful deportation of children and youth from Ukrainian territory to Russia.

Chief Inspector Karim Khan says they have identified hundreds of such cases in the aftermath of the war.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharov, described the decision as meaningless.

– The decision of the International Criminal Court has no significance for our country, not even from a legal point of view, she said.

Russia, like countries such as the USA, China and India, does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC.

The Kremlin later said the decision was “inaudible” and “unacceptable”.

Center: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his children, actress Maria Lvova Belova. Photo: Mikhail Klimentiev/The Kremlin via Sputnik/NTB
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– Historical

However, the head of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office, Andriy Kostin, hailed the arrest warrants as “historic”.

The chief of staff of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Andriy Yermak, says the court’s decision is “the first step in restoring justice in the event of a Russian invasion”.

EU representative Josep Borrell says:

– This is an important decision for international justice and for the Ukrainian people. It is a first step in holding Russia responsible for the atrocities and abuses committed in Ukraine.

  • Numerous parallel operations were conducted documenting the actions of the war in Ukraine. Recently, a United Nations commission concluded that torture, ill-treatment and killing of civilians were committed:
Large scale war crimes in Ukraine

Large scale war crimes in Ukraine

– It’s hard to get

Earlier this week, it emerged that the International Criminal Court intends to file war crimes cases against several Russian citizens who have contributed to attacks against civilian targets in Ukraine, and the abduction and retraining of Ukrainian children.

Dagbladet spoke to Professor of International Law at Stockholm University, Mark Klamberg, who mentioned Vova Belova’s children’s ombudsman in particular.

– I wouldn’t be surprised if an arrest warrant was issued for Lvova Belova – the children’s ombudsman in Russia who oversaw the transportation of hundreds of orphans from occupied cities, and who herself did it. He adopted a teenager from Mariupol.


– For people like her, that’s probably going to be hard to come by – you probably won’t want to leave Russia any time soon, especially in countries that have ratified the Rome Statute.

It is the United Nations treaty that forms the basis for the International Criminal Court and the court’s authority to prosecute and punish individuals for international crimes.

The arrest warrants are now seen as symbolic and an occasion to pressure Russia diplomatically.

Russian soldiers put in

Putting Russian Soldiers in the “Z”

They may have committed genocide

The deportation of war children to another country or culture can be an attempt to erase people’s identity, and it is classified as genocide.

Cecilie Helstveit, a lawyer with a PhD in international war law from the University of Oslo (UiO), and researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Law previously explained:

– According to the Genocide Convention and the ICC regulations, permanently assimilating children into another population group (eg through adoption) is one way in which genocide can occur.

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