An expert reveals where to find the hidden storage rooms

An expert reveals where to find the hidden storage rooms

“Did you know that some cars have secret compartments? Look here: we have cup holders, a wireless charger here, a cubby here, and a center console here,” he explains. “Where could there be a hidden compartment? Let me show you the body of this car. Do you think… This is a button for the sunroof, isn't it?

Other cars have hidden compartments

Although the GMC Yukon Denali's hidden compartment may not be the largest in the vehicle, it allows the owner to store valuables in a place thieves are unlikely to get to.

However, many popular car models in Europe also have hidden compartments, often located in unexpected places.

For example, owners of a Volkswagen Passat with a sunroof may not realize that near the control buttons there is a small compartment designed to store sunglasses. In addition, Golf GTI owners have several hidden compartments inside the car, for example behind the car's air vents, next to the front cup holder, and even a compartment under the rear seat.

The online answer to the hidden room reveals more secret rooms

With over 42,000 views, many car enthusiasts expressed their excitement about the hidden feature, and many shared their thoughts in the comments section.

One viewer wrote: “I have it on my Yukon Denali 21. The armrest also slides up when the console is in the rear position. This makes accessing the rear cup holders easier.”

Another joked: “Well, now they know!”

This discovery highlights the amazing innovations that car manufacturers are implementing to make the driving experience better for users.

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Does your car have hidden compartments?

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