An IKEA employee printed 130,000 worth of gift cards for himself

An IKEA employee printed 130,000 worth of gift cards for himself

A customer manager’s creative fraud sends her to jail for 25 days.

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She also has to repay the full amount. This was revealed in a ruling handed down on Monday in the Westfold District Court.

The 30-year-old woman admitted the fraud and gave an unreserved statement.

In 2021 and 2022, as an employee, the fraud occurred while handling customer service. Ikea Slenderman in Oskar produced a total of 12 complaint cases involving fictitious persons. She used it to give herself NOK 130,663 worth of gift cards.

She printed a total of 20 gift cards. The largest gift card was NOK 11,084 – an amount specified for “Jaskaran Singh”.

“She went to great lengths to alter the manner in which the fraud took place in order to avoid detection,” the judgment said.

“Gair Ughla”

Among the other names he came up with was “Geir Uggla,” who received 4,000 and 5,180 gift cards, respectively. “Peder Svartskog”, “Pål Andersen” and “Gabriella Santos” also received gift cards.

The gift vouchers were then redeemed at Ikea, so that he received a refund of goods or cash equivalent to the value of the gift vouchers.

“The defendant apparently took advantage of the loopholes he found in Ikea’s security procedures and exploited these to obtain money to pay off his personal debt,” the ruling states.

The judge insists the court takes seriously the fact that she used the information and access she had in her position to “swindle” money from her employer.

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The convicted person will serve the sentence wearing anklets. It is unclear whether he will appeal.

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