An Uber hacker allegedly hacked GTA VI

An Uber hacker allegedly hacked GTA VI

Over the weekend, more than 90 clips of what is said to be Grand Theft Auto VI – also known as GTA VI, a major game announced as being in development in late 2022 – were leaked.

Reports, among others player And the the edge.

For sale for a million crowns

The hacker who posted the videos claims to own the complete source code not only for GTA VI, but also for its predecessor, GTA V. The latter allegedly tried to sell it for around 1 million kroner.

Many initially expressed doubts as to whether the leak was real, based on the file types and programming language used, but the consensus has since changed.

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreyer has, among other things Via Twitter That the leak was confirmed as real by his contacts at Rockstar Games, the company that developed the game. He also authored Article about the leak. Verge also marks the leak as original.

We will negotiate

The hacker, who calls himself “TeapotUberHacker”, is said to have expressed a desire to negotiate with Rockstar Games, without making clear exactly what he wants to negotiate.

to me Claims that “TeapotUberHacker” is the same Uber was hacked not too long ago.

The leaked videos are said to have been from debugging the game, which is still in a relatively early stage of development.

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Take Two, the owner of Rockstar Games, is said to have tasked his lawyers with working to remove the videos from the web, but this kind of thing is one hundred percent difficult to accomplish.

Staff working on game development say they have been devastated and frustrated by the leak, and colleagues in the industry are doing their best to encourage them.

One of the most expensive games in the world

Grand Theft Auto V is said to be one of the most expensive games ever produced, with a budget of $265 million, or over 2.7 billion kroner at today’s prices. The budget for GTA VI has not been announced, but according to the “development book” it should be Part of the leakThe budget should be around $500 million, more than five billion Norwegian kroner.

According to the same source, expected sales should double in the first 24 hours after launch.

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