– And then that Christmas is ruined – VG

- And then that Christmas is ruined - VG
Victim: Martha Livestadt (27) is a comedian infected with the corona virus and wants to celebrate Christmas.

Martha Livestadt (27) celebrates Christmas alone after being diagnosed with the corona virus. – Walked around like a zombie and cried, she describes.


– It was true. I lay in bed on Monday night and froze. Then I thought to myself, “Now I have, you know. Then that Christmas was ruined.”

Martha Livestadt is best known for her role in NRK’s ​​comedy troupe “4ETG”. At NRK, he also had his own documentary series, “Martha gets rich.”

In September came the news that Levestad was leaving the NRK Launches as a new profile on VGTV from January 2022.

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Recent studies on omikron suggest just that

– Walked around like a zombie and cried

Livestot describes the first day with Corona as difficult. She had a fever and a severe headache.

– Then I went around like a zombie and cried. I cried because it hurt, but mostly because I was not allowed to hug my aunts at Christmas. It was painful, he says.

LeaveStot is actually going to celebrate Christmas with family at the store.

– I was expecting it, but now it’s not happening. But we will be face to face on Christmas Eve and they will open gifts for me. It would be incredibly convenient, he says.

Here you can pick up VG’s isolated calculator:

He has gone through many sad processes

When Livestad realized that she was infected with the corona virus, many words of truth first went through her head. Then came the emotions.

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– When you suddenly have a corona you go through many sad processes. I was angry, sorry, I denied it could happen to me, it was an incredibly silly thought, but I had it now, in the end: accept, she says.

The day before Christmas Eve, Livestot is optimistic.

– It’s sad, but you have to enjoy different Christmass in your lifetime. I am incredibly grateful that I did not actually get sick. He says it is very painful to think of those who are in the hospital and have a worse corona condition than me.

He is now about to celebrate Christmas alone.

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Martha Livestadt: – It’s a boys club

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To do chops

Although the holiday season did not go as planned, Livestood has many plans to celebrate Christmas well. Instead of being with family at the store, he will now make chops for the first time on Christmas Eve.

– Otherwise I’ll play the classic Christmas game “Dead by Daylight”, she laughs and adds:

– I will try to be as beautiful as possible. See “The Holiday” and “Love Actually”.

Not everyone agrees with Livestad: Check out VG’s selection for the Christmas film of all time here

She also comes with a call:

– “The Holiday” is my favorite, I like Jack Black and movie music. Did you know that Hans Zimmer composed the music for “The Holiday”? I feel like I never talked about it. Everyone talks about “Inception”, but no one mentions the fantastic film music he created for “The Holiday”. So you read this: When you watch “The Holiday” at Christmas, think about movie music. It is so beautiful.

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In addition to Christmas movies and music, he will spend some time at Tinder, he says at the end.

For the record: Martha Livestad works as a profile on VGTV.

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