Anders Fogh Rasmussen – tracking NATO soldiers in Ukraine

Anders Fogh Rasmussen – tracking NATO soldiers in Ukraine

New York (Dagbladet): In July, NATO countries will meet for a summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. The former Secretary General is now warning that many NATO countries may send soldiers to Ukraine if NATO does not agree to the necessary security guarantees.

Zelenskyj warned in Oct

The statement comes after Stoltenberg made it clear that NATO only provides full security guarantees to countries that are full members of the defense alliance.

NATO President Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a panel discussion with Foreign Minister Anken Huitfeldt in connection with the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Oslo. Video:
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– very engaged

– If NATO does not agree on a clear way forward for Ukraine, there is a distinct possibility that some countries could take action unilaterally. According to the report, we know that Poland is very committed to providing concrete assistance to Ukraine Watchman He adds:

– I would not rule out the possibility that Poland would participate more strongly in this context on a national basis and that the Baltic states would follow, possibly including the possibility of soldiers on the ground.

- The verdict will be merciless

– The verdict will be merciless

The former NATO chief and former Danish prime minister believes it would be legal for Ukraine to ask for this kind of support.

Polish alliance

– I think the Poles are seriously considering interfering and gathering a coalition of the willing if Ukraine does not get anything in Vilnius. We must not underestimate Polish feelings. Poles feel that Western Europe has long failed to listen to their warnings about the actual Russian mentality, Rasmussen says.

Tobias Sather, a researcher with the Ukraine Project at the Staff School, describes the development after the Kakhovka Dam explosion as dramatic. Reporter: Justin Slaten. Video: Telegram.
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He believes Ukraine should now receive a written security guarantee, which also includes intelligence sharing, joint training, expanded munitions production, and the supply of weapons sufficient to deter Russia from further attacks.

- Shaken by the United Nations

– Shaken by the United Nations

– disappointment

Stoltenberg has previously made it clear that Ukraine will eventually become a member of NATO, but this is in the long term after the end of the war against Russia.

However, Rasmussen believes that history shows that it is dangerous to keep Ukraine waiting too long. He therefore believes that the meeting in Vilnius should give Ukraine a clear path to full membership in NATO, and indicates how to speed up the application process for Sweden and Finland.

Anything other than that would be a disappointment for Ukraine, says Rasmussen.

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