Anders Hoff thanks everyone let’s dance

Anders Hoff thanks everyone let's dance

Shall We Dance: All Stars He previously served the drama, Surprises and big TV moments.

It’s been a season full of injuries so farbut there were also high scores from the judges, much applause, and many unforgettable dances.

Helen Olafsen (32) and Anders Hoff (46) They are the presenters together for the first time, in addition to leading the show on Saturdays, there has also been a new brand Podcast “Shall We Dance” Where the big and small duo share about the program.

Recently, it was revealed in one episode that Huff had previously been asked about his participation in a dance competition – before he took the job as a presenter. However, Hof refused to swing on the ground.

miss: Catherine Moholt and fellow dancer Igor Filippenko were on the floor in Shall We Dance: All the Stars, and they probably showed a little more than intended. Reporter: Luna Leah. Video: Nora Scavog. Pictures from TV 2
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explain why

It’s in the episode where Terry Sporsum (46) Guest that this comes. Sporsem, who participated as a participant in the first season, directly asks Hoff why he never participated.

Olafsen could add that this is a question they often get asked.

– I got a few questions along the way, but then I always played shows, all those years I played shows, reveals the presenter and refers to the shows he did with “Raske Menn”.

– Then there was no time for that, and then we finished “Raske Menn” and then I was asked to be the presenter, he adds.

At the same time, the 46-year-old reveals that there was also talk of taking part in the dance at the time.

Cash: Fellow Bjorn Wittrie Hulth gives anchor Helen Olafsen a reprimand after the “We’ll Dance” premiere. Video: Luna Leah/TV2. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Cut: Selena Morkin
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– shrink

So she ended up being a presenter on Hoff, but Olafsen said on the podcast that she would have liked to see him dance.

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– It was very interesting to see you as a participant. So, Anders thinks it’s pretty embarrassing. He can’t do that. Once you start talking about the choreography and you’re going to do it for real, shrink, she says with a laugh.

Huff admits that he found her cruel, and that he contacts current participant, Carrie Tra (48), who, like him, finds it somewhat difficult to be sensual.

Dagbladet was in touch with TV 2 and asked if it would be appropriate to ask Hoff about participating in the dance at a later event.

Outside: Lasse Matberg went solo just before the recording of “Skal vi danse” began, but had the opportunity to comment publicly on the breakup before he left the competition on Saturday. Video: Luna Leah
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– Casting for our internal process software. So we have no comment on who might be relevant for the future Shall We Dance participants, TV 2’s press director, Jan-Peter Dahl, tells Dagbladet.

– I think I’m Genghis

Huff himself does not trust television viewers to watch him compete for the floor.

– I think that will never happen. Having learned what dancing should be like in theory, and having seen a lot of good dancing up close, I think it would be a huge setback for my self-image to see myself dancing on TV, as the presenter tells Dagbladet and adds:

We must dance: Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand impressed so much at the season premiere of “Shall we dance – All Stars” — but was pissed off about one detail. Video: Jenny Emily As
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– I have become so immersed in dances that sometimes I think I am Genghis, and then it is disappointing to realize that you are dancing like a retired politician. I can’t stand it, I’m so cowardly. I am a coward. Life is too hard for me to overcome adversity on the dance front. Having said that, it says a lot about the courage of those who dare to join. They have my deepest respect and that’s why I love working with Shall We Dance.

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