Anders Tegnell: – – I agree with the Norwegians

Anders Tegnell: - - I agree with the Norwegians

The Public Health Authority (FHM) expects the spread of infection to reach a peak at the end of January. The strong spread of infection is due to the omicron virus variant that is now prevalent in Sweden.

The authorities have created two scenarios, in both of which it appears that infections will peak at the end of January. In one, it is estimated that around 47,000 cases will be recorded per day before infections decline again. In a second, it is estimated that the number of cases will be around 69,000 at most.

Shares FHI . point of view

The variant is also prevalent in Norway. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), we are experiencing an omicron winter wave like this It won’t be possible to stop.

Hundreds of thousands will be injured. says in The latest coronavirus risk assessment from FHI.

Tegnell shares the department’s opinion.

– Yes, it is an opinion we already had some time ago. It’s good to have a certain level of restrictions that don’t do much harm. It slows the peak of infection so that the health service does not receive a large number of patients at one time. However, preventing large parts of the non-immunized population from acquiring an omicron appears difficult or impossible. He says I agree with the Norwegians today’s news.

critical: Director-General of the International Family Health Authority, Camilla Stoltenberg, on the Corona passport January 13, 2022 Video: Vigaard Krueger. Reporter: Frod Andersen.
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Regulations will change

At a press conference on Thursday, the Norwegian government announced that it is easing quarantine rules. Quarantine for infection for other close contacts of infected people, that is, those who are not family members or similar relatives, It is now being replaced by a test system.

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It is now recommended that other nearby contacts be tested after 3 days of close contact, and a new test after 2 days (5th day), but they are not isolated.

Tegnell assures the newspaper that health authorities in Sweden are also working on changes to regulations. In Sweden, you must be in quarantine for 7 days after a positive PCR test result.

“We are now working on this question to figure out how to change the rules to continue to maintain the highest level of security as possible but not create such a massive labor shortage in society that it could lead to harm,” he says.

The infection has spread rapidly to many Swedish regions – including Stockholm – in recent times. The number of coronavirus patients in the metropolitan area has increased by as much as 30 percent in the past week. On Tuesday, 396 people were admitted with COVID-19 — an increase of 115 from the same day last week, writes express.

Tightening in Sweden

On Monday, the Swedish authorities took a number of new measures in an effort to limit the spread of infection. One of the most important measures was to require everyone who could work from home.

– It has undoubtedly exacerbated, and the spread of infection in Sweden is at historically high levels, at the same time we are seeing an increase in influenza and the RS virus, Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said at a press conference.

Prime Minister: Magdalena Anderson.  Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard / Pool via Reuters / NTB

Prime Minister: Magdalena Anderson. Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard / Pool via Reuters / NTB
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At the same time, the government has introduced a special tightening of government jobs that must be carried out by home offices. Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren stressed that jobs are the most important source of infection now.

All alcoholic beverages now close at 11pm, and in restaurants the rule that there can be a maximum of eight people per company continues. There is dinner on the tables and a requirement of 1 meter distance between companies.

The government also requires adults to limit close contact within the home. Restrictions have also been placed on the number of people who can attend public events, and Corona passes are offered at trade fairs, NTB writes.

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