Andine’s wedding ring (9) was found at the bottom of the sea in Croatia – VG

Andine’s wedding ring (9) was found at the bottom of the sea in Croatia – VG
Diving: Andean loves to get out in the water. It was so much fun when I found something cool to look for.

Do you miss your old wedding ring? Then perhaps Andean found him (9).


When Andine was swimming in the small town of Makarska on the Adriatic on Tuesday, she noticed something shiny on the sea floor.

– At first I thought it was a gem. It might be an amazing treasure, she told VG by phone from Croatia.

After several attempts to bring up what the nine-year-old thought was a silver-coated plastic bead, the surprise was great when she realized what was actually on the sea floor.

– When she came, she was completely shaken, says her mother, Karina Siegwaldsen.

– I think she was shivering because she thought it was a little treasure.

The ring is engraved with the typical Norwegian name Ola.

Lost: Nine-year-old Adin found this golden ring at the bottom of the ocean when she dived.

Both believe that the wedding ring belongs to a woman, because it is small and narrow. The width of the loop should be about five millimeters.

Now they hope to find the owner of the golden wedding ring with the help of a Facebook posts:

“My daughter found this wedding ring at the bottom of the sea in Makarska, Croatia. Just about. In the middle of the promenade. So you who married Ola, you must tell me what date, then the ring will come to your house. We wish this split into east, west, and north Southern and, of course, up and down.

The post has so far been shared more than 11,000 times. So far, the owner has not registered.

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Beach: On this beach Andine found his wedding ring.

– Do you think the ring will come to the right owner in the end?

– Yes, I think so, says the mother.

– I hope so, adds Adin.

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