November 28, 2022


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Andrea (20) earns 341,400 after kindergarten strike

Andrea (20) earns 341,400 after kindergarten strike

Strike for a month: Andrea Lingware Guene has completed 30 days of strike. Along the way, the employer failed to pay her monthly salary of around 19,000.

Andrea Lyngvær Kuvene (20) lives in a collective in Oslo and earns NOK 325,800 a year as a kindergarten worker. He has been on strike for four weeks and is getting a 15,000 raise. In addition, about 40,000 pension over 40 years.

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These are the hard truths after his union Fagforbundet and employers from the National Association of Private Kindergartens agreed. Settlement with the Ombudsman Wednesday morning.

– I am very satisfied that we stood by it through the strike. Andrea tells VG that the result is not optimal, but a mandatory wage board would be much better than it was.

The 20-year-old is a dream example of a kindergarten worker, according to Steinar Fuglevac, the union’s own pension expert in the negotiation department. Pension Agreement The party came.

– He started his working career very early and if he continues in the work he will get full income. She will also enjoy having a private AFP. Compared to the current arrangement, I estimate that he will receive NOK 40,000 more per year in pension, says Fuglevaag.

This means Lyngvær Kuvene will receive roughly two-thirds of his future income as a pension, according to the union’s number cruncher, who insists he takes several caveats into his calculations.

After arbitration led to private kindergartens taking a larger share of this for their employees, he would have to pay less than half a percent of his salary (2.5 percent) as a pension benefit.

Andrea has been on strike outside her workplace, Espira Krefsen Stasjon Barnehage in Oslo – almost every weekday since the strike began on October 17.

Last weekend he took part in a large strike before the Storting. A 20-year-old kindergarten assistant is at the bottom of the salary ladder among kindergarten staff. Thus, he is one of the lowest paid in Norway.

She feels that the work effort and responsibility are not commensurate with the salary she receives, which is around NOK 19,000 each month.

First day: Andrea Lingwere Guene (right) has been on strike since the first day of the strike at private kindergartens. Here he is on October 17 with Cecile Liepao Jensen and Viktor Berheim Lokander picketing outside Espira Grefsen Station Kindergarten.

– I worked here for a year and a half as a full-time nursery worker. Due to the low salary, I had to find additional work. Andrea tells VG that I also work in cinema on weekends.

Then in the five week days she changed nappies, dressed, undressed, comforted, cared for, taught, fed and received and said goodbye to the children in her unit in the private nursery, which was part of the larger nursery. Chain Espra.

– It occurred to me that the salaries we receive in kindergartens are not that high. I would like to see a salary increase of NOK 50,000, says Lyngvær Kuvene.

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– Should have received 50,000: Andrea Lingvaer Kvaene believes that the NOK 50,000 salary increase would have been a little more in line with the responsibility and effort involved as a kindergarten worker – photographed during a strike in Oslo last weekend.

She says she is “extremely tired” every day after a day of work with children. However, she has to continue working extra jobs to make ends meet in the capital.

– How do you live?

– I live with some other women. This is how we manage rent costs, answers Andrea, who pays NOK 7,000 a month in rent costs.

– Do you want to work in a nursery for the rest of your life?

– I’m still a bit young to answer this clearly. But I am considering journalism training, replies Andrea.

He observed cases in the media about owners of nursery chains He made great wealth Among other things, public support for kindergartens in the years when the kindergarten reform and the large-scale development of kindergartens were implemented.

– I was totally blown away when I read about it. It’s a shocking contrast to our salaries working on the floor with children – kindergarten owners with assets worth millions – says Andrea Lingware Guene.

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