Andreas responds to the burger he bought: – I understand very well that the customer is not satisfied, McDonald’s replies

“Hey, McDonald’s Norway! You should correct the wording on your new Cheese Tops burger, because it is a must.”

Andreas Hedmann writes about it Twitter After buying a new fast food chain burger.

– It was a real disappointment

The tweet got a lot of attention, and at the time of writing it has liked nearly 400 people.

“Haha, this is as far from an advertisement as possible. Unfortunately, I am not surprised”the user comments on Twitter.

“I agree! It was very disappointing. They replied that it had no onions, pickles or mustard as described in the ad. It was a dry hamburger with three kinds of spicy cheese and a little ketchup”Someone else writes.

McDonald’s Norway apologizes

Kristina Johansen, director of communications for McDonald’s in Norway, thinks it’s unfortunate that Hedemann is not satisfied with the burgers he recently bought.

I understand very well that the customer is not satisfied. I think it’s a shame the guest didn’t receive the product they should have been, she writes in an email to The Nation.

According to Johansen, Hedemann did not get what he paid for.

– This is not what a Cheese Tops burger should look like. She indicated that the burger will be served with ketchup, mustard, and crunchy fried onions, in addition to spicy pieces of cheese.

Johansen stated that the burger has just been launched at McDonald’s restaurants in Norway.

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– This product is sold in several other countries. The experience of launching in Denmark is that burgers have become wildly popular, McDonald’s Norway Director of Communications wrote in an email.

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