Andreas Stubron-Smith – Corona infection in Östersund

Andreas Stubron-Smith - Corona infection in Östersund

I did a self test, which was a bit random really. I had a slight irritation in the elevators after running in the cold, then suddenly went off, Anderas Stabrun Smith tells Dagbladet, who received a positive answer for a corona test on Tuesday night.

– You don’t feel great, he continues.

On Instagram, earlier on Wednesday night, the biathlon expert shared the news of the infection with the Corona virus.

– The least popular biathlon guy right now – it’s me. He did a self-test a bit randomly and it paid off, he wrote.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be true. And now I’m “leprosy” in biathlon circles. But they don’t get rid of me that easily. I am doing well and plan to hang from the room on Thursday, he writes.

He told Dagbladet that he is doing well, except for some cold symptoms.

The biathlon expert was fully vaccinated with two doses of Moderna, last time on August 19. He only has a slight hint of a headache and he has no fever.

Commentator Ola Lunde will join the actual broadcast on Thursday, when there will be a sprint race on the Mathematical Athlete Show in Östersund, but from another room, Stabrun Smith confirms. Puffins are not infected.

Something sports editor Egil Sundfor also confirmed NRK.

– In the sprint race on Thursday, we sit in each hotel room about 500 meters from the field and hang. You certainly can’t do as well, but technology makes us have a signal reach us with little to no delay. Plus, the signal lags accordingly, so I don’t think viewers will necessarily notice that, says Stabrun Smith for NRK, who has experience with remote commenting.

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Reclaims Strikes Against a TV 2 . Profile

When Stabrun Smith received a positive test, he immediately called the national biathlon team. But none of the athletes were defined as close contacts. The biathlon expert tells Dagbladet that the IBU’s infection control protocol is very strict. All interviews with practitioners were conducted, among other things, outdoors and at a good distance.

– Sends a new team

Many NRK employees are also identified as close contacts by the IBU (International Biathlon Federation).

This applies to two teams of four (two journalists and two photographers) who have already returned home. A new NRK team will be sent to Östersund.

– The main message is that this will go well. They’ll comment on it from the hotel room, and we’ll do the interviews we need from the area,” Sundvor continues to interview with NRK.

Above Dagbladet, Stabrun Smith notes, the situation shows how important vaccination is.

“If you go on air tomorrow, that’s a sign that the vaccine is working,” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

Because of the cold, it will be decided on Thursday whether Thursday’s race will move to Friday. According to the plan, sprint races will be held for both women and men.

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