Ann Kat. Harland talks about eye diseases

Ann Kat.  Harland talks about eye diseases

TANGEN (Dagbladet): The participants in the next round of “The Celebrity Farm” were released this week, and among them we find former TV queen Anne Cat. Hurland (51).

Make a TV claim 2

In 2016, it became known that the comedian suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that causes cells in the retina to die at a slow pace. It narrows vision, and the chance of total blindness is real, according to the report NHI No.

When Dagbladet meets Harland inside Li gård on the second day of “Farmen kjendis”, the 51-year-old does not hide the fact that she entered the reality show with a visible disability.

These are the participants of the next season of “Farmen kendis”. Video: Klaus Fielro/Red Runner. camera; Luna Lea. Correspondent: Klaus Fugelero.
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– worse

– Yes, it’s a disability, says Ann Katt. Harland seriously, before you continue:

– It is a progressive, incurable disease, so it gets worse every time you ask how it happened. It’s like asking someone with terminal cancer the same thing. This is how it goes.

- It was very difficult for me

– It was very difficult for me

The former “Nytt på nytt” star does not hide that her eyesight has gradually deteriorated over the years, and that she is struggling more than ever to find her way.

– I see your shoulders and head, but that’s it. The rest… nothing. I have to move my head a lot to get the full picture around me. I just have to think this is what I live with and I’ve lived with it for 30 years.

Apparently, the Farm Celebrity co-star got excited when she talked about it. Immediately, tears welled up in her eyes.

– I can hardly say much about it, because I almost started crying, she says softly.

TV 2 makes changes

TV 2 makes changes

Take precautions

However: Hærland tries her best to think positively, and focus on absorbing all the experiences she can. She says taking part in “Farmen kendis” comes at a perfect time considering the time of year.

– Because this is the brightest time of the year. It’s the dark that’s the hardest for me. I could not take part in anything that happened in the winter, because then I see very little.

NEW SEASON: Dorthe Skappel leads her first-ever character

NEW SEASON: Dorthe Skappel leads her first-ever “Farm World” character. Participants include Egil Skordal, Sunder Nystrom, Kato Zhel Pedersen, Unni Askeland, Bjerg Thorholsdottir, Daniel Frank, Sander Ostad “Randol” Dale, Ann Katt. Herland, Emily “Fu” Neering, Bahari Ficken, Emma Ellingsen and Christian Brynhofvd. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2
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Fortunately, both the producer and the other participants have been informed of the situation, so they are taking precautions.

– This means that people do not put things on the ground and such. In addition, you have learned where everything is. What scared him, to some extent, was coming into unfamiliar surroundings. At home, I actually feel like I don’t see badly at all, because I know where everything is. She explains that it works automatically.

She admits she was “very tired” the first day at “The Celebrity Farm”.

Because I had to memorize the whole place. It is important for me to know where this Flower bed, in case you come across it. Hence I have to remember the pots there. And this cart over there, Herland says, pointing.

He reveals a new move with his girlfriend

He reveals a new move with his girlfriend

– horrifying

The famous comedian has, for better or worse, been a part of the spotlight for a number of years. She had her greatest star status when she was part of NRK’s ​​hit “Nytt på nytt” in the early 2000s.

The 51-year-old joined the program in 2007.

the old days:

The Old Days: “New Again” The Ann Cat Gang. Hærland, Jon Almaas and Knut Nærum photographed in 2001. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones/Dagbladet/All Over Press
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She herself describes her career as an adventurous journey.

– When I turned 50, I thought I must be 60! So I had a really good time. I think: “Oh my God, what he allowed me to experience.” I am so grateful for that. When I die one day I will think: “What a journey.” She says with a smile, I don’t have much possessions, but more experiences.

touch: Ann Kat. Hærland has earned the honorable mention on Gullruten. After her acceptance speech, she left the hall to collect herself. Video: Red Runner
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But she admits that life in the public eye has a downside, too.

The lights are a little scary, which is why I tend to disappear for years at a time. I go away and just take breaks. That’s really the only thing I need, which is to try new things. Then I like to be with myself a lot when I’m home, says the open-minded Ann Cat. Harland to Dagbladet.

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