Ann Kat. Harland was about to kill Little Martin.

Ann Kat.  Harland was about to kill Little Martin.

Ann Kat. Hærland (50) has been a well-known and beloved figure on the Norwegian media scene for several years. She has been seen on popular TV shows such as “Nytt på nytt” on NRK, had her own show on TVNorge and has also performed as a comedian over several years.

Now Hærland is currently working with his new podcast “Anne-Kat in the 90s”. Accompanied by Jonas Jørstad, 50, Celebrity Desk Editor at Se og Hør and Dagbladet, the duo takes us on a not-so-young time trip through the ’90s, arriving this week in the nostalgic year 1994.

touch: Ann Kat. Hærland has earned the honorable mention on Gullruten. After her acceptance speech, she left the hall to collect herself. Video: Red Runner
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1994 is somewhat sacred to most Norwegians, as it was the year the Olympic Games were held in Lillehammer, an event that entered many of this country’s history books.

Norway also ran away with a total of 26 medals this year, and there was no single country with more medals than host nation Norway.

respond to rumors

But it’s not just the sport that sets 1994 apart; Elizabeth Andreessen (64) And dead Jan Werner Danielsen He won the Melodi Grand Prix final with “Duett”, in cinemas people flock to the screens to watch the version of “Forrest Gump”, and at home two million viewers gathered to watch the “Tande-På programm”.

Podcast: Celebrity Editors Jonas Jørstad and Anne Kat Hærland Walk Listeners Through It "Khalida" The nineties.  Photo: Morten Eik/Se og Hør

Podcast: Popular editors Jonas Jørstad and Anne-Kat Herland guide listeners through the “timeless” 90s. Photo: Morten Eik/Se og Hør
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The “Tande-På Program” was a live Norwegian entertainment program with Alf Tandy Petersen (72) who appeared on NRK in 1992. With him on the team was young Martin Sorensen (40), better known as “Lil’ Martin,” and here editor Jørstad had a little chicken to pick out with his co-presenter.

– You promised me that I would now have answers to any rumors of things that had happened – and then I would have some concrete questions. How true is this story that it could physically take Little Martin’s life? Jørstad Hærland asks in wonder.

– That’s absolutely true. I was a newly hired lighting technician hooked up to a headset and a 7.8k battery. I dropped the battery to the ground from a height of 10 meters, and I was within two centimeters of hitting Little Martin in the head, who would have died instantly if I hit him.

He refuses: Vendela Kirsebom says she and husband Petter Pilgaard have their honeymoon plans ready. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Selena Morkin
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Herland adds that she suffered no consequences from the impending death, and that “Little Martin” came out of it with his life intact.

Se og Hør has tried to get comment from Martin Sørensen on the case, so far without success.

– so extreme

Martin Sorensen was just 10 years old when he appeared on ‘Tande-På’, and at its peak the show attracted over 2 million viewers, The daily newspaper previously written.

DUO: Martin Sørensen and Alf-Tande Petersen in 1992. Photo: NTB Scanpix

DUO: Martin Sørensen and Alf-Tande Petersen in 1992. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– He said at the time that being someone almost all Norwegians know by the age of 10 is an incredibly funny memory to look back on.

He also said that he looks back on his time on the program with fond memories.

– I have many good impressions and memories from the programme. I remember a lot – including attempts to set world records. It was very extreme, he says.

Today, Sørensen is a grown man living in Japan.

Aller Media Social Club is owned by Aller Media, the same company that owns Se og Hør and Dagbladet. Jonas Jørstad usually works as an editor for the Celebrity Editorial Team at Aller Media.

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