June 5, 2023


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Anna Regina (80) made a pastime trip to Tromso - VG

Anna Regina (80) made a pastime trip to Tromso – VG

On tour: Tor Marius Jenssen and Anna Regina Jenssen were waiting together in Cartermoyen the day before the trip to the passport office in Tromsø.

When Anna Regina did not find her passport in Oslo until August, her son fortunately felt the advice. On his birthday – he arranged a pass hour 1149 kilometers north.


In the middle Passport crisis Anna Regin Jensen (80) was told to identify herself in the DNP.

His son Dor Mariusz Jensen, 53, tells Vijay that his passport expired in January and there is almost no passport time in Oslo.

– She thought using a new passport was not so dangerous, considering her age and how many places she had to go to show her passport, says Dor Marius Jensen.

– Then suddenly came a letter from the DNB, which says it must show the correct identification, otherwise they will close the customer relationship.

Anna Regina says she is not so motivated on the internet and needs help.

Did you bring it with you? Tightens the rules for emergency passports

Birthday plan

After Corona many people have to renew their passport at once and the manufacturer finds it difficult to get enough components to make passports.

The waiting time to get a passport is now up to seven weeks, but before that you need to get a passport hour.

– I was daily to find the hours in the Oslo police district. Some appeared, but they were in August or September, says Dor Marius.

Then he had an idea: he wanted to pass the time by coordinating the 80th anniversary.

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– I tried many places, and then free time appeared in Tromsø. One of the lessons was on her birthday. She was originally from Guangxi in North Troms. She also lived in Tromsø, he says.

– Travel to the districts!

At 13.30 on Friday, Anna Regina (now 80) finally arranged for her passport to arrive by mail in seven weeks, according to the plan.

– I have a friend who went to Setermoen to pick up my passport. Today we had class in Tromsø. Anna Regina tells Vijay that she will get a passport if she goes to the districts.

On Friday night he celebrates his birthday with his son and friend Durit Mortensen.

– It does not make sense to want to have only a passport in Oslo. The 80-year-old says you have to travel a little.

Birthday Celebration: Anna Regina Jensen (80), her friend Durit Mortensen and Anna’s son Dor Marius Jensen (53) enjoyed dinner at a birthday party in Tromso. They have been friends since childhood.

Dissatisfaction with DNP

Due to the new anti-money laundering rules of the authorities, bank customers have to re-identify themselves including DNB.

She says she had a contract to show it when she got the passport.

However, she kept getting new reminders.

– This is a hell of a time. Not much service to get there. I contracted with DNP to come as soon as I got the passport. It did not help. There was a constant reminder, says Anna Regina.

– Finally, I received a message in which I realized that the account could be closed within 14 days. This is not possible. They need to be sharpened, says the 80-year-old.

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Must have ID: Officials demand that banks collect new credentials for many customers due to money laundering rules.

Sorry wrong

DNB says customers should ignore reminders if they already have an agreement to show their passport or other documents.

– In some cases, there are reminders to obtain the documents even if the documents have already been submitted or contracted in writing. There are reminders that came in wrong, and we apologize. Vidar Korsberg, a spokesman for DNB, told Dalsbø VG that then an error occurred, or we did not have time to register the documents.

He says there are many ways you can identify yourself (see list in the fact box).

– You can show it at the office or send the documents by post. Many who live in areas where pigs live far from a branch do so. Then the mail will take some time to arrive, and then there will be processing time. Then reminders may come. He says we were clear in the conversation with customers and then you can ignore the reminders.

– We are open to customers who want to identify themselves and have increased both staffing and extended opening hours, he added.

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