Anne Cat. Herland believes that artificial intelligence will eliminate influencers

Anne Cat.  Herland believes that artificial intelligence will eliminate influencers

Last year, Ann Cat Harland (52) was seen on TV in connection with the film “Farmen kendis”, and now he is on his way back into the spotlight, and then on his own terms. Herland is preparing for his first solo show in eight years.

TV cut 2 sermon

It was a remarkable encounter with artificial intelligence, or artificial intelligence, that inspired the 52-year-old to create this upcoming show Don't Panic. Only in November did she perform at Edderkoppen Teater in Oslo and vice versa TV 2 She happily tells why she took KI as her starting point.

TV 2 Blinder: Things moved a little quickly when Ann-Kate Herland had to answer a question about Trump live. Video: TV2 / Photos: Corinne Alice N. Squaw / Wicked House / NTB. Reporter: Jonas Andersen
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At the same time, the comedian talks about the changes that she believes are guaranteed for the future, as a result of artificial intelligence. Herland wants to highlight the positive aspects of AI, and believes it can help many professional groups.

– He can hit better

She also acknowledges that there are professional groups that will suffer from the spread of AI and, among other things, claims that influencers are “done.”

- Strange to look at

– Strange to look at

– Influencers live on business collaborations. They're a kind of human poster that you can place ads on. But the point is that when people can create these ads themselves, and when you can get ChatGPT's help, they can reach the target groups they are looking to reach much better, she tells TV 2.

TORE På Sporet Tore Strømøy of Tore På Sporet says he will end the series and tell us how it was received. He was a guest on the premiere of Anne-Kat Hærland's TV show Anne-Kat. Video: Christian Roth Christensen / Dagbladet
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Furthermore, the comedian points out that it will likely be cheaper to produce ads in the future, and that commercial partners won't “bother” to pay NOK 100,000 to influencers who might risk “sabotaging” their campaign.

– Not so sad

Considering how much money influencers charge for commercial collaborations, it is not unlikely that the industry could save millions of kroner by reducing such collaborations.

Herland believes that influencers will be created by artificial intelligence in the future.

That's why she resigned

That's why she resigned

-With AI, you have better analysis tools for the entire market. So, it's no use being a puppeteer in Dubai, so to speak. So influencers will die. I know I don't think it's that sad, she says and adds:

But when the money stops flowing and the tap turns back on, it will be painful for the powerful. Just as it hurt me when the wave of abuse hit me in 2012.

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