Annika Sjoli from Molde shared on Tiktok about loneliness and found a best friend

Annika Sjoli from Molde shared on Tiktok about loneliness and found a best friend

I thought I was going to be single forever, says Annika Sjoli.

A year had passed since Moltenzer opened her heart, while tears flowed about her feelings as she sat.

A sense of isolation.

But now it has turned upside down. The feeling is gone, the situation has completely changed.

– What happened?

Sarah happened, she said and laughed.

Annika Sjoli and Sarah Strande walk on a sidewalk in the center of Ålesund.  They look at each other with smiles on their faces.

Annika Sjoly is very grateful for Sarah Strande’s reaching out.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

New friendships

You may have seen Annika Sjoli before. In early May last year, she posted a video on Tiktok in which she cried. She felt alone and didn’t know what to do.

The video was also seen by Sarah Strande, who messaged Annika and asked if they should meet up.

I knew who Sarah was so I was intrigued. But I thought she felt sorry for me – and in the beginning it may have been like that, but she gave me a lot of confirmation and now we are best friends.

Sarah also worried; Annika says that she should not take the news seriously.

Glad I sent it. Sarah says she is wonderful.

– It doesn’t hurt to send that message

The video posted by Annika went viral. He has acted in many events across various mediums and the response has been immense.

I didn’t know it would go viral. People say I’m brave, but it’s not my plan to have hundreds of thousands of people see it.

She received hundreds of messages from people in the same situation.

It doesn’t surprise me how many people are single. It’s sad to be like that.

Annika encourages others who feel lonely to take the initiative to meet someone, no matter how scary.

If you are from a small town, you often hear things about a person. I think it’s important to put aside your prejudices, take a chance with people and get to know the person yourself – not based on other people’s opinions.

Annika Sjoly sits on a bench in Dronning Sonja's square in the center of Ålesund.  There is water in front of her so you can see her reflection.

Before Annika Sjoli got the message from Sara, she felt completely alone in the world.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

Sarah also has advice for others who want to help someone who is lonely.

There are many who listen and listen to it. It doesn’t hurt to send that message. So you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get an answer.

After Sara extended her hand and Annika accepted, she was now part of a larger group. As far as they are concerned, the group is interested in inclusion.

We are a very open group. One is welcome. Sarah says there’s always room for one more.

Annika says it is never full.

Sarah Strande and Annika Sjoly

Sarah Strande and Annika Sjoli have now developed a close friendship.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

– Dare to go to an event alone

Many studies like Statistics Norway analysis I saw the biggest increase in loneliness among young people living alone and under 35s. This increase was especially high during the corona pandemic.

One person who noticed that many people were lonely in the Ålesund area decided to take action. He is responsible for events at the restaurant and outdoor venue T2.

– She says that I have also experienced loneliness and then I got a golden opportunity to do something about it.

Miken Aus has curly, blonde hair.  She held her chest and had a big smile on her face.  He was clearly moved and delighted by the large turnout at the event.

Miken Aus, events manager at T2 in Ålesund, wanted to help other lonely people and decided to organize Speed ​​Friendship.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

As decided to organize speed dating, which was such a huge success that it became a regular thing. Next time is June 1.

– If you have a hobby or something you love, you can indulge in it to network. Or try something new. Having the courage to actually go to an event alone – I think that’s important.

She herself has seen many people come alone to concerts and other events, but found others to hang out with.

– Only one person has the power to do something alone. I felt it myself when I was single, how scary it is to break the comfort zone and do something about it. But you have to take initiative on your own to make it better, he says.

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