Anniken Huitfeldt, Ambassador | This is how Anniken Huitfeldt lives and works in luxury property: see pictures

Anniken Huitfeldt, Ambassador |  This is how Anniken Huitfeldt lives and works in luxury property: see pictures

AP politician Anniken Huitfeldt will soon be appointed as the new Ambassador to the United States of America in Washington, DC, according to several media outlets.

The post is considered Norway's most important diplomatic post and was previously reserved for diplomats in the foreign service.

When Huitfeldt was dismissed as foreign minister last fall, he returned to the Storting. Now he has to resign as a parliamentary representative to become Norway's ambassador to the United States.

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Hudfeld leaves the country: – never returns

A stone's throw away from the official residence of US Vice President Kamala Harris, the luxurious ambassador's residence is located in a fashionable part of Washington.

The embassy building has both And (formerly called residential), meaning the new ambassador will both live and work at the property.

DKK 13.9 million in rent.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOF) was the owner of the diplomatic property in Washington until the turn of the millennium. Now, however, Statsbygg are the new owners of the property.

Nettavisen reports that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pays an annual rent of NOK 13.9 million to Statsbygg in 2024.

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These were removed to ambassadorships

“Since 2000, properties owned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been transferred to Statespike and incorporated into the state rental program. The embassy facility in Washington is one of these properties,” UT writes in an email to Netavision.

“When entering into new leases or renegotiating existing leases, the Ministry of External Affairs always assesses whether it is more beneficial for the individual foreign station and the government to own or lease state-owned property in the private property market,” the email read.

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– I think Trump would like her


Huitfeldt had one The minister's salary is NOK 1,580,186 When he was Foreign Minister. After he resigned, he returned to a very low parliamentary salary. Storage representatives are paid NOK 1,107,190 per year.

It is not yet known what Huitfeldt's new salary and wages will be as ambassador. But the former foreign minister can probably expect a decent pay rise from his parliamentary salary.

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– Storr should top Team USA with Hudfeldt's FRP player

Salaries for Station Managers viz And is determined individually and is based on the “Policy of Salary in Foreign Service”.

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Head of Station in Norwegian foreign stations earns an average salary of NOK 1,168,060 as of today.

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Storr lived here for free with his family

But the ambassador's salary in Washington is apparently a few points higher than the average salary for station chiefs.

Netavicen has been granted permission to receive the salaries and allowances of former ambassadors in Washington.

Today's Ambassador Anniken Grudnes has an annual salary of NOK 1,389,000 in 2024. On top of this there is an expatriation allowance (NOK 711,000), a separation allowance (NOK 55,000) and a hardship allowance (NOK 185,000). This is a total of NOK 2,340,000.

Corey Aus was Norway's ambassador to Washington during Donald Trump's presidency. In 2019, Aus had an annual salary of NOK 1,328,900, as well as expatriation allowance (NOK 570,000) and hardship allowance (NOK 190,000). In total, it was NOK 2,088,900.

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According to Huitfeldt, Offenposten is Reports suggest that he will be appointed as the King's Ambassador to the Cabinet on March 1.

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