Announces big investment: Amazon now wants to build the quantum network of the future

Announces big investment: Amazon now wants to build the quantum network of the future

A number of players are already working to make quantum computers a more applicable and useful technology, but the realization of quantum technology also depends on advances in other areas. Now a well-known player has announced a big investment quantum network.

Amazon It was recently mentioned on their websites They have opened a new research department – the AWS Center for Quantum Networks (CQN) – which will work specifically with the development of network solutions based on quantum technologies.

It will bring technology to customers

As with quantum computers, quantum networks are still at an early stage of development, with many challenges remaining before their full potential is reached. With our investment in quantum research, AWS CQN aims to bring the quantum network’s advances in privacy, security, and computing power a step closer to our customers, writes Amazon.

Quantum networks already exist in various experimental forms, Which has written about on previous occasions. As Amazon points out, the technology faces several technical challenges that must be addressed before networks can be implemented on a global scale.

One of the main challenges is that the range of networks is still very limited. According to Amazon, this is due to quantum mechanical conditions that make it difficult to amplify signals in a way that increases the range of networks.

This, in turn, is related to the quantum mechanical weaknesses inherent in the individual particles of light, photons, on which the networks are based. Amazon research aims to develop new technologies, including so-called “precipitators,” that solve this problem and amplify the signals.

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Several important uses

The new initiative will be part of the existing Amazon initiative AWS Center for Quantum Computingwhich was opened last year with the aim of developing useful and usable quantum computers.

According to the online store giant, quantum networks have many potential uses, which among other things, will take security and privacy to new heights.

One is to enable global communication protected by quantum key distribution, with levels of privacy and security not possible with traditional encryption techniques. Quantum networks will also provide powerful and secure network servers by interconnecting and enhancing the characteristics of individual quantum processors, the company wrote.

In short, quantum networks are based on what is called quantum entanglement – which means that two particles are woven together into a single unit of information with the same quantum state and are closely related to each other.

many actors

When an entangled pair of particles is split between several points, information is transmitted instantly between the two points – regardless of the distance between them. The safety of such systems comes in short from the fact that any attempt to eavesdrop on communications will be detected instantly by changing the exact quantum states of the particles as they are measured.

Many players operate using technology. He wrote, for example, about Chinese researchers who made great strides in quantum networks based on light particles, managing to reduce signal loss and significantly increase communication distance.

There is still a lot of work to be done before both quantum computers and quantum networks reach the level of maturity that makes the technologies usable and accessible.

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