Annually 650 billion uses – now the environment must be emphasized – E24

Annually 650 billion uses - now the environment must be emphasized - E24

The government will now require the environment to be weighted at least 30 percent in all public procurement. The move will affect NOK 650 billion in value per year. – Maybe a change of pace, says Awfal Norge.

Visiting Oslo: Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth Aid and Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre at Toenbadet in Oslo.
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– It must be preserved here! Industry Minister Jan Christian Westray says he and Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth Ede are wearing safety boots.

Ministers march up to the Tøyenbadet construction site in central Oslo.

Electric construction machinery is available because Oslo Municipality has set climate and environmental requirements in its tenders.

The government now proposes that environmental requirements should account for at least 30 percent of all public procurement. This will affect everything from the construction sector to the service sector.

– Our common tax money is used. Green providers should win, Westray says.

Money back: In total, the public sector buys goods and services worth NOK 650 billion per year. Eide and Vestre want these to contribute to new climate-friendly solutions.

Truck Cowboy

A bright blue truck with an E-plate pulls into the square. Driver Bjorn Erik Lear said he was skeptical about electric trucks at first, but he had to bite the bullet.

– Are you a bit of a cowboy in it? Westray asks.

– This is the future. Lear says it’s more fun to be involved from the start.

Vestre and Eide believe that price should not be the only criterion when public tenders are announced. Today, environmental requirements are not weighted in procurement regulations.

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Its consequences, for example, are that public buyers may often opt for a lower-cost solution instead of which they can contribute to the achievement of climate goals, Eide explains.

Oslo as a source of inspiration

Down on the construction site, an orange excavator with a heavy battery sits on the loading platform. It is one of the largest electric machines in the world.

At the construction site, most vehicles run on batteries or biofuel.

– Most of what Oslo Municipality requested was not there before we started. This helped in the growth of the market. But we’re a small town even though we’re a big buyer, says Councilor Rina Marion Hansen (AP).

– But the state is still big, Ede says.

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– and the strong one, saying Westre, pulls out his hands.

First of its kind: During lunch, the battery is charged in a charging container on top of the hill. Another excavator takes the battery out and places it in the container.

– Oslo can go a long way and contribute to growth, but we need all our muscles, says Hansen.

– But we can say that Oslo was very encouraging and a model for us for the proposal we are now submitting for consultation, Vestre says.

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Norwegian shipyards cannot compete. The ship will be built abroad.

But Oslo is not the point

30 percent of environmental demand can be implemented during summer. First there will be an investigation.

So far there has been criticism from the business community that environmental requirements are vague in tender processes. Vestre and Eide will now move away from that environmental requirement can weight, for those environmental requirements want Weighted.

– What does this mean for business?

– Those firms that compete with green gain a competitive advantage, while those that do not compete with green have a survival instinct and become green. Westray says we will use the 650 billion for efficient reconstruction.

– Early adopters should be rewarded, Ede agrees.

– Here in Oslo, it might be okay to drive short distances in electric trucks, but what about in the countryside?

– Yes, but it needs to be modified. Environmental requirements and their weights must be adapted to each individual contract, so it varies from city to country and the type of procurement involved.

– Isn’t it an Oslo thing?

– Absolutely not. The entire country needs to engage in green change and transformation, says Westray.

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– There are electric mining machines all over the country. Hansen points out that this is a development that occurs in all areas.

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– Scatec would not be where we are without the Norwegian toolbox

Favorable to the proposal

Waste Norway has repeatedly called for stricter environmental requirements. Public relations director Kåre Fostervold believes the news is very encouraging.

– It could be a change of pace. The public sector has tremendous purchasing power, so this will help, Fostervold tells E24 by phone.

He believes the move sends an important signal to young people and companies working to improve eco-technology.

– Many of our member companies have called for this. We have to see the arrangement, but we are basically positive, says lawyer Arnhild Dordi Gjønnes at NHO.

Joy mixed with horror

Project engineer Ida Isaacson stands at a construction site in Doyen. He believes that it is very important for the government to set environmental requirements.

– This is important for us as a small company investing in renewable energy. Tenders should reflect what the government wants. Electricity is expensive and investments can triple or even double with Enova’s support.

Project engineer Ida Isaacson applied to Becker because she felt they were a pioneering company in the green transition.

But there is joy mixed with horror, says project manager Øystein Sandnes at Oslobijk.

Today, the General Guide to Public Procurement consists of 400 pages. According to Vestre and Eide this should be improved. Simplifying the entire procurement tool will be the next item on the agenda.

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Doubts that Norway will meet its 2030 climate targets: – It certainly doesn’t

Many have abandoned environmental requirements

E24 previously wrote about Statsbygg, which announced a tender for waste management for the government quarter and Folkeinstitutttet without setting environmental requirements.

They abandoned the tender and announced a new one – with environmental requirements.

Forsvarsbygg also announced a tender with no environmental requirements. Both Statsbygg and Forsvarsbygg are seen as key businesses to increase environmentally friendly public procurement. Action Plan of Govt.

According to Norwegian Environment Agency Public procurement contributes about 16 percent of Norway’s climate footprint.

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Statsbygg did not do any environmental requirements in the public tender – now they are canceling the tender competition

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