Another loss for Rijkdal in the lead-up to the match: – We missed three terrible goals

Another loss for Rijkdal in the lead-up to the match: - We missed three terrible goals

Kristiansund – Rosenborg 3-2 (2-2)

After a lot of trouble with coronary heart disease, it’s finally time for Kjetil Rekdal’s second training match as Rosenborg coach. Trøndelag was supposed to face Flora Tallinn last Friday, but they had to cancel that match due to a large number of players out of reach.


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After a strong start, it looked like Rekdal would claim his first win as RBK coach, but Kristiansund made it 2-2 in the first half with two quick goals.

In the second half, the North Moors were also the best, and in the end it was Christian Michaelsen’s men who came out victorious after a goal from Bendik Bye.

Offensively, it’s a fun first half, but we’re rusty back. Then there will be a site war with less open rooms after the break, says Kjetil Rekdal Nidaros after the match.

– We have a huge counterforce, but the accuracy is very little. We should have scored five or six goals in the first place. Then we have to focus more on the defensive game, where we are very kind and confusing. We are giving up three horrific goals. Dead ball, after, we’ve been pushed away, continues RBK’s new coach.

The case continues during the video.

Tough start for Rekdal: This is how the first Elite Series rounds are played

messy minutes

Early in the match, new signing Renzo Giampaoli scored 1-0 after Maurice Mbaye was KBK goalkeeper on tour. Not so long ago, the second title was in Trondelag’s goal. Ole Setter was allowed to stand alone on the field and could easily guide the ball to the post from Carlo Holz into the goal.

After half an hour of playing, Rekdal got an insight into what he should be working on, because within two minutes of playing KBK tied with a score of 2-2.

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First, Torgil Gjertsen got the ball high up the court, playing against the wall with Liridon Kalludra, before hitting the ball hard into the net behind André Hansen.

Soon, after getting a clear shot into the corner, Moses put Mawa into second place for North Moringen after clubbing and babbling on the field.

To Rikdal who said before the match to the local newspaper Nidaros That he didn’t want a messy match, those minutes were just that.

The battle turned

In the second half, Rekdal seemed to ask the players to stand a little higher on the field. This meant that Kristiansund came for several serious breaks in the first minutes of the second half.

Twenty minutes into the round, KBK’s third goal finally came. Test player Isaac Annan hit a nice post bye-bye Bendy. The KBK striker twisted his body and head from a 3-2 angle.

The second half was marked by a number of substitutions, and thus was not as entertaining as the first. In the end, it was 3-2 for KBK, which led to their first win in the run-up to the 0-2 loss to Stabæk and 1-1 against Mjällby.

Rosenborg is still looking for his debut. Trøndelag’s next match will be against Payson on Tuesday.

This is how the difference started:

Kristiansund: Maurice Mbaye – Snor Strand Nielsen, Dan Peter Olvestad, Aliu Kohli, Isaac Annan (demo player) – Amidou Diop, David Agbo (demo player), Liridon Kaludra – Torgil Gertsin, Moses Mawa, Agon Mukuli.

Rosenberg: Andre Hansen – Haakon Rusten, Renzo Giampaoli, Mikel Konradsen Seod – Erlind Dal Reitan, Per Celjan Skjilbrid, Edvard Sandvik Tageth, Adrian Pereira – Carlo Holz, Noah Holm, Ole Satir.

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