Anthony Fucci: The best virologist sees the United States “on the wrong track” in the Corona crisis

They still appeared in the spring United States In a good way. Shortly after the president took office Joe Biden The vaccination campaign was in full swing, and in a short time millions of people across the country received their syringes to protect themselves from infection with the corona virus. During this time the number of daily infections also dropped rapidly. In the meantime, however, the trend has reversed: vaccinations are only progressing slowly at the same time The number of cases has risen.

Virologist and White House consultant, Anthony Fossie, Has now made clear the situation in the country. America is in an “unnecessary mismanagement” He told CNN. “We’re going the wrong way,” Fassi continues. He himself was “very frustrated” by the behavior of some groups.

At the same time, the number of new infections in the United States has been rising again for a few weeks, due to the delta variation. The situation is particularly tense in countries with low vaccination rates. This includes Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri And Nevada.

Senior Republicans are also promoting vaccinations

According to a study by the Kaiser Family Trust, the vaccination rate is significantly higher in the districts where many voted for Biden in the presidential election than where the then president was Donald Trump He received many votes. A poll by the Washington Post and ABC News concludes that significantly more Democrats have so far been vaccinated than Republicans.

“This is an issue that particularly affects people who are not affected,” Anthony Fucci told CNN: “That’s why we beg in practice to be vaccinated.”

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After all, top Republican representatives have spoken out in favor of vaccines. “These syringes should be in everyone’s hands soon,” the Senate Republican minority leader said recently. Mitch McConnell. But there is no unified position between them – many conservatives and, above all, Trump supporters are more cautious than McConnell.

The Fox News presenter was surprised at the vaccine report

Sean Hannity, Conservative TV broadcaster and best presenter for Fox News, was surprised by a report. Relying on vaccine science, he said in his broadcast. Shortly afterwards he insisted that this was not a vaccine call for all Americans. Many of the station’s evaluators are outraged against the vaccine anyway.

U.S. President Biden recently warned of an “epidemic among the undeclared.” Vaccination is the “most patriotic” thing citizens can do right now. The government also finds misinformation on such social media Facebook. “You kill people,” Biden said. He then reconsidered his harsh words in the direction of Facebook – but again emphasized the basic message.

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