Anthony Taylor, Jose Mourinho | Anthony Taylor’s nightmare at the airport: – He was assaulted and harassed

Anthony Taylor, Jose Mourinho |  Anthony Taylor’s nightmare at the airport: – He was assaulted and harassed

Referee Anthony Taylor had a busy day at work as he officiated the Europa League final between Sevilla and Roma on Wednesday.

It was the Spanish side who eventually scored the longest penalty shootout in a match Roma coach Jose Mourinho and his side’s touchline behavior throughout the game will probably be remembered for.

The Portuguese and his men put insane pressure on referee Taylor and his fourth official, Michael Oliver, throughout the match. There was constant yelling, gesticulation and truth from the bench in Rome during the drama that unfolded in Budapest.

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Harassing and attacking

Mourinho made his opinion on the referee clear after the match and the fans seemed to agree with him.

Judge Taylor was said to have been harassed and assaulted by Roma supporters at Budapest airport on his way home.

Ultimately, the Premier League referee had to be escorted by the police to a private room at the airport. According to the Daily Mail, Roma fans in the stadium are said to have acted aggressively towards the senior match manager.

In a video posted on Twitter, one can see, among other things, a person grabbing Taylor’s backpack.

Following the incident with the 44-year-old England player, Roma supporters are said to have started arguing among themselves inside the airport.

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He must have thrown a chair

According to the Daily Mail, the judge must have been with his family when the accident occurred. Another video of the incident shows a man yelling at Taylor, before being pushed away by an umpire’s attendant.

A chair was also reported to have been thrown during the riot, but it was immediately seized by a policeman, the paper writes.

Jose Mourinho reportedly waited for Taylor in the car park outside the Puskas Arena after the match.

During that confrontation, the Portuguese is said to have described the referee’s behavior in the final as “an extreme disgrace”.

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