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Oversiktsbilde Andenes

For the government, it is important to strengthen its ability to receive allied forces and forces. It will still be a military base in Antoya because we believe it is important for our country, he says Finance Minister Drigway Sloxvolt wants (SP) NRK

It will be Antoya’s permanent base, precisely where it is well located. It is important for Norway that we are a member of NATO and that we can accept Allied forces. Then Antoya is a good starting point as a foundation.

Vedum also knows that the sea surveillance plane will be moved to the city of Ivnes.

Stein-Hோன்gn Eilartson believes many questions remain unanswered.

Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

– I think it’s wise in terms of security.

This is what Stein-Hekon Alertson, head of the Norwegian Officers’ and Experts Association (NOF) on Antoya and Evnes, had to say.

– But I’m not sure what’s in it. There are many more unanswered questions. He asks if it should be active all the time or only when needed.

Accepted closed

The passage of the Sorting was met with great opposition The airport in Antoya should be closed In 2016.

Andøya, the home base of the Orion aircraft for many years, was too expensive to operate. It was to mobilize strength in the north.

More specifically, both fighter jets and maritime surveillance aircraft should be assembled in Evans.

At the same time, politicians decided to buy the new maritime patrol aircraft P-8 Poseidon.

But the ensuing political turmoil sent shockwaves through the north. A few years later, the Center Party won 56 percent of the vote in Andy. At the same time, the Conservatives are almost destroyed.

Costly change

On Wednesday, it became clear that the new airport at Ivnes would be more expensive than previously expected.

First, when the Sorting plans were approved in 2016, the entire site would cost $ 3.5 billion. Since then, the number has increased significantly, and now the spending limit is $ 5.2 billion. New estimates show that Evnis’ final amount could be as high as NOK 8 billion.

It was much more expensive than estimates to maintain functionality in Andøy in its time.

Since then, the world has changed.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the tense situation in Europe have left many wondering if it’s right to put all their eggs in one basket.

Uncertain future

For years, Andoya has been waiting to see if the Armed Forces will stay or leave the municipality. The Armed Forces control an area of ​​12,000 acres, which was liberated to create a new operation.

Many players soon expressed interest. Including Widerøe Technology Services, a subsidiary of Widerøe.

According to Westerlean Magazine He put Widerøe’s plans in the snow last spring. One reason is that the Armed Forces have not yet decided what to do with Andoya.

Last fall, the Armed Forces confirmed that it still had a small area in Antoya, After the disappearance of surveillance planes in 2023.

Absolutely necessary

– I would have been very surprised if this government had not taken seriously the security policy situation we have.

This is what Andoi Mayor Nut A. Says Nortmo (SP). He believes the government will not have much credibility if it does not decide to use Andy as a base for Allied reception.

– I hope the government will stand up and ensure that they contribute what they have said they will contribute to the Andai community.

Johnny Solswick in front of Orion plane at Antoya airport

Joni Solswick expects clear explanations.

Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix

Joni Solsvik was mayor of Antoine when it decided to close the airport.

Today he is the head of the municipal restructuring organization called Samscope. A company that has been working for a while on what to do if planes go down.

Positive as he expected:

– It is not news that Antioch is a central base for receiving Allied forces. After agreeing to close Bodo and Antoya, the ability to link with allies in northern Norway was significantly reduced.

– A permanent base for Allied forces means there must be an operation and maintenance. But we need a clear explanation of what is in it. What kind of surgery is this? Until this is clear, it’s difficult for me to say the right thing.

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