November 30, 2022


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Apartment insurance - warning of maintenance errors for those who live in an apartment

Apartment insurance – warning of maintenance errors for those who live in an apartment

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Who’s to blame when a bathroom leak is real — and water leaks into the apartment below you? Or when there is a break in the dishwasher’s water line – with a subsequent disaster?

Insurance company Fremtind says they often receive inquiries about who is liable in different situations. The thing they are often asked about results in ambiguity and misunderstanding in the case of water leakage in housing associations and condominiums.

Not everyone wants to take responsibility for a water leak in their apartment. A conflict after that can quickly arise, especially if the water also finds its way into the adjacent apartment, says damage prevention officer Therese Hofstad-Nielsen at Fremtind, the insurer for SpareBank 1 and DNB.

Not sure who is responsible for the maintenance

According to a recent survey conducted by Response Analysis on behalf of Fremtind, many people who live in apartments are unsure of what responsibility they themselves take for maintenance in their homes:

When asked who they think is responsible for preventing and preventing damage in a housing association or condominium, 32 percent answered that the resident is the same. 62 percent think it is a housing association or condominium.

It’s easy to get confused here, says Hovstad Nielsen.

She says the rule of thumb is that you, as the apartment owner, are responsible for what’s inside the apartment’s four walls, while housing associations or condominiums are responsible for what’s outside the apartment.

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– But there may be exceptions that apply especially to you, so the most important thing is that you read the laws carefully, my dear.

Damage from dishwashers and washing machines

According to Fremtind, errors in washing machines and dishwashers are the cause of many injuries. And as they point out: these are damages that can be avoided with simple maintenance.

Hofstad-Nielsen recommends cleaning the machine regularly, removing fluff and debris from the machine and cables – and making sure drains and pipes are open so that water can flow through.

– If you sustain an injury and do not comply with the maintenance responsibility, you risk leaving the invoice, it warns, adding:

Know your responsibilities and the precautions you must take to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Watch out in the kitchen!

The insurance company If previously said that a large number of severe water damage occurs in housing associations and condominiums where hot water tanks are located in cupboards without drains in the kitchen. Then we can quickly talk about the damage to many apartments, as a result of water flowing through the floors.

Old hot-water tanks placed on kitchen worktops and without water sensors and stop valves can cause serious damage, as Sigmund Clements previously mentioned — and at the same time if housing associations and housing associations recommend annual inspections of water heaters.

Previously, it was possible to install boilers in all rooms without a drain or protection against leakage. In all new homes in which a new boiler will be installed, for example, a kitchen, it must be secured against leakage. The most common is for a plumber to install a water stop valve.

If you recommend that if you are going to replace an old boiler, and it is in a kitchen cabinet with no drain, you should have water sensors and a water stop valve installed. It is also possible to install such a valve on your existing boiler today.