app, social media | The “All” app talks about: – Show my life spontaneously

app, social media |  The "All" app talks about: - Show my life spontaneously

TikTok has once again affected the whole world to download the app.

Throughout the summer, BeReal has been at the top of the list of the most popular apps. We spoke to two guys who use the app themselves.

It was boring at first

Isabel Randeberg (18 years old) is one of those who downloaded the app before its launch.

– I downloaded the app in March, but I only had one friend on the app. That’s why it wasn’t fun, so I stopped using it, says Isabelle.

Now she downloaded the app again and uses it every day.

– How do you use the app?

– I think it’s a fun way to keep in touch with classmates. You receive a notification during the day that you have to take a picture of the situation you are in then and there. So I use it to show my life spontaneously.

Does it replace other social media like Instagram and Facebook?

– Definitely Facebook. Personally, I think it’s more fun than Instagram, the only downside is that it’s only once a day.

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This is how it works

The app works in such a way that you get a notification once a day where you have to take a photo in the exact situation you are in within 2 minutes.

You have friends with whom you share your photos. Additionally, you can reply to each other’s photos with a selfie.

You get notifications to take a new photo at different times each day, to show what you’re actually doing.

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Capture the moment

Kristian Bye Olsen (18) also jumped into this trend, and loves the concept of the app.

– I use the app to capture the moment. Whether it’s while watching a movie, going out with friends, or at a concert.

On top of that, Christian says he thinks the app gives him a more authentic feel than Instagram and Facebook do, and explains:

Because it was not prepared or planned. Then it becomes more realistic. That’s also the best thing about the app, you’re taking the photo at the moment and that’s it.

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will you continue

For the two young men, there is some disagreement over whether or not they believe the app is here to stay.

– Yes, it’s a good way to find out what people are actually doing. You show the truth, unlike Instagram where everything is set up and people show their best side, says Isabel

Christian, on the other hand, is a little unsure:

– To me, it’s a bit uncertain whether I think it’s here to stay or not. Somehow I feel like she’s gotten strong here for a few years, and she’s also going to die. At the same time, it may remain for a long time in the future.

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