May 23, 2022


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Apple and Meta are fighting for the future

Apple and Meta are fighting for the future

Apple has been hinting at augmented reality for several years.

2022 could be the big AR/VR year for Apple

Tim Cook has talked about it, and Apple has dedicated a lot of resources to integrating augmented reality devices like LiDAR into its products, with virtually no software to point to it or areas of use other than ads and for developers training to learn a new world before Apple launches its first AR/VR headset, he believes. To many it is a natural evolution of cell phones.

Meta has never been able to enter the smartphone market and therefore only has ads on other people’s devices to stand by. That’s why they traded in 2014 with Oculus, a company that until now had operated completely independently of what the company was called at the time, Facebook. This will change now as the company prepares for a future where the mobile phone gets a different role to play.

Apple has been talking about augmented reality for many years, but it doesn’t have much to show for it

Meta takes this very seriously, and so does Apple of course. CEO Tim Cook wants to launch at least one revolutionary product that defines the market before he leaves, and he will either enter AR/VR with a headset, a car or if he has enough: a pair of augmented reality glasses.

And now Apple actually brought in Andrea Schubert from Meta before the company barely launched in its new form. Schubert was the Head of Marketing for Augmented Reality Experiences at Meta.

Apple leaks are the most exciting about the iPad Pro in 2022

It was previously revealed that next year’s iPad Pro will get a new design. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who also broke the news on Schubert, believes that the new tablet will feature an M2 chipset (like the MacBook Air 2022), Back glass and wireless charging.

The iPad Pro M1 is more than fast enough, but Apple has done almost nothing to improve multitasking with iPadOS 15, so hopefully it’s 16 (You likely won’t get iOS 16 or iPadOS 16) is the version that finally makes the product a more productive device as if it weren’t on par with macOS or Windows, at least it makes it easier.

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This is how Ian Zelbo envisions Apple’s AR/VR glasses: