Apple claims it’s lying about the iPhone 13 Pro, but here’s the real reason

Apple claims it's lying about the iPhone 13 Pro, but here's the real reason

Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro models can go from 10 to 120 Hz depending on what the user is doing.

iPhone 13 Pro range from 10Hz to 120Hz

Now there are rumors that Apple is lying that cell phones go up to 120Hz by comparing them to Samsung with a 120Hz panel – Android cell phones for many years have offered 120Hz, gaming mobile phones, and more.

Now Apple warns that a patch over developers is on the way, because developers must make a small update to their apps so they can take advantage of 120Hz.

Therefore, many applications still lack 120Hz

Major app developers like Twitter already support 120Hz, but there are still many smaller developers that don’t, mobile phones were launched yesterday. However, Apple had to make developers aware of this ahead of time. Documentation is on the way so developers can update their Info.plist file.

Developers also have to “force” the app to accept 120 Hz, which is very important in games. This is to save battery life. The fact that cell phones can transmit from 10Hz to 120Hz, combined with larger batteries, provides a longer battery life of up to 2.5 hours.

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