Apple didn’t say anything about this

Apple didn’t say anything about this

The company’s new top model can be shipped faster than before.

Apple recently launched its annual launch of new mobile phones, and in the aftermath, mobile testers took a closer look at the four new iPhone models. Now it has been discovered that the top model has received an upgrade that Apple said nothing about. It turns out that Apple has revealed how much power the iPhone 13 Max Pro can accept for charging.

It’s a YouTube channel Charger Lab Who took a closer look at how fast the iPhone 13 Pro Max charges. To do this, they took a number of different chargers, both from the original models and from third parties, to see how much watts the phone of the different types was sucking in.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB

In the video, we see that the YouTube channel uses a digital meter that shows the amount of watts the phone absorbs.

So far, the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max was the best at this among Apple phones. Although it turns out that wireless charging with MagSafe doesn’t necessarily give the best results, you can still achieve more than 20W using the cable and Apple’s own 30W charger.

With the new generation, it turns out that Apple has increased its ability to charge with more power, so now you can expect up to 27W. This means you can probably charge faster than ever before.

But this does not mean that the mobile will get such high power for the entire charging period. Apple Insider It refers to a Twitter user who completed a similar test, in which the mobile phone was charged for 27 minutes at full power. While it took a total of 86 minutes before it was fully charged.

This appears to be true. Cell phones usually charge faster between 30 and 80 percent, while due to heat generation and other battery life considerations, they spend more time in the last percentages until fully charged.

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Apple has always been a bit conservative in terms of reducing charging time. It wouldn’t be many years back before 5 watts was the maximum that cell phones reached. And while 27W is now starting to speed things up a bit, there are still a number of other manufacturers out there that have a bit less sharpening.

When performing these charging tests, the maximum number of watts the phone can receive is checked, but also the percentage that you can charge in half an hour. Here, manufacturers like Asus and OnePlus have phones that can receive up to 65W for shorter periods.

The best of them all, we’ll believe this test from Toms guideIt is OnePlus 9 Pro. It is capable of charging 99 percent in 30 minutes. About three times as fast as the new top-of-the-line Apple model is used to fully charge.

If we compare, for example, the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, then this can be charged at 25W and will run 56 percent in 30 minutes.

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