Apple has a wild MacBook idea

Apple has a wild MacBook idea

Screen expert Ross Young says the foldable iPhone has been delayed until 2025.

There will be no iPhone Fold next year.

There have been rumors about such a device since Samsung first introduced the Galaxy Fold in March 2019, but Apple is Apple and it takes time, which makes a lot of sense all the time foldable phones haven’t been much of a hit, as were the prices back then. . : These cost more than 15,000 kroner.

At the same time, a new reputation has come to the fore in the panel industry, believing that Apple’s foldable mobile phone is still at least three years away from launch: the foldable 20-inch MacBook, which means the entire front of the computer has a large screen. .

This looks a little cool

Young thinks Apple is hoping such a device can create an entirely new product category for Apple where the keyboard is being introduced by macOS (or perhaps an entirely new operating system for new products?), and only if desired as a large screen if you connect to an external keyboard . It certainly looks smart. The expert believes that we can expect at least 4K resolution and possibly more.

How long do we have to wait for such a device? Not surprisingly, it’s longer than the “iPhone Fold”: we’re talking 2026 or 2027 – maybe even longer.

Intel had already demonstrated such a concept, at the time during CES 2020:

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