Apple has never done this with iPhone before

Apple has never done this with iPhone before

We’ve heard a rumor that the iPhone 14 won’t get an A16 chip before.

Only iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max get the A16

For the first time, Apple’s plan is to supply only the 14 Pro series with the A16 chipset. The reason is to focus away from private bits in terms of performance, and instead what cell phones can do. Apple is now also comparing its new parts to competitors, rather than the previous generation.

Only Pro models get it A16 was already revealed in March of this year.

Gorman confirms at the same time Problems with Apple’s 5G modem, revealing that overheating has been a problem for developers over the past year. Like many other analysts, he believes in a launch in 2024.

Apple Watch Series 8 still doesn’t have better performance

It’s Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, who is now shortly before its September launch, who has confirmed once again that the iPhone 14 is getting the A15. There’s also reason to believe the A16’s improvements are minimal in terms of overall performance, but the new A16 chip is likely to offer more advanced camera features.

This is probably all Apple will release in the next 12 months.

Even more surprising is the fact that the Apple Watch Series 8 gets the same performance as the third generation in a row. The S6 and S7 performed nearly the same, and there’s no reason to believe the S8 will be faster. Instead, Apple’s focus is on offering more features in real time and with the same battery life, rather than offering a much faster chip and potentially losing some battery life.

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AirPods Pro 2 don’t get these two features

There are also disappointments to report regarding the AirPods Pro which get hardly any heart rate monitor and no body temperature measurement.

Gorman says that Apple has looked into the possibility of implementing this, and that it may come “one day”.

New sockets released Later this yearExactly what was improved is not known.

Depends on one company

Gurman doesn’t make many big discoveries, but he says the company has lost more chip and hardware developers than is typical in the industry in recent years.

It’s also a very big problem that the company is completely dependent on one company, TSMC (“Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing”), to be able to produce faster and more energy-friendly 3nm chips. The problems are said to have delayed parts of Apple’s development plans.

This is the date when Apple will release the MacBook that everyone has been waiting for.

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