May 28, 2022


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Apple headset requires a 96W charger and you'll likely get the M1 Pro chipset

Apple headset requires a 96W charger and you’ll likely get the M1 Pro chipset

Now, very specific information about Apple’s upcoming headphones is starting to emerge, perhaps for the first time ever.

Apple’s VR headset gets an M1 Pro chip with 10 CPU cores and 14 GPU cores

It doesn’t immediately sound exciting to reveal that the VR headset with AR technology has a 96W charger, the same thing that can be ordered as an accessory to charge your MacBook Pro 14 as quickly as possible. If you choose one of the fastest configurations, this charger is included. Now Ming-Chi Kuo has mentioned that this charger is exactly what came with the box. The more expensive model is equipped with a smaller 67W charger.

The headset is guaranteed to power some form of Apple Silicon, and since the charger is the fastest you can get for hardware, the headset probably has at least the power of the M1 Pro model with 10 CPU cores, 14 GPU cores, and 16 Neural Engines. It’s entirely possible that Apple might call the chip something else, but it’s essentially the M1 Pro, but with an upgraded Neural Engine. There is also the possibility that you will get an M2 chip, or there will be a lighter, cheaper version with the M2.

Apple will follow up with the second generation within two years

With more power than most Macs and all iPads, the battery should be quite large, which also means that the headset can be heavy. anyway so Apple does not imagine You’re using the headset all day, and a short-life battery doesn’t work anyway. The fact that it has good performance and high accuracy also points to the trend of something we’ve been hearing for several years, which is that the price will be high.

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The same analyst thinks The second generation was launched in 2024.